What Erectile Dysfunction Can Do To Your Penis?

by Nick Swanson

What Erectile Dysfunction Can Do To Your Penis

A large number of men suffer from a condition known as penis erectile dysfunction. Some refer to the condition as ED, impotence, or more simply erectile dysfunction. Before diagnosing the condition in a patient, the man must demonstrate that the problem lasted for a minimum of six months. If the problem lasts longer than six months, it indicates a medical condition. If penis erectile dysfunction only began within the last few months, it might indicate a problem that relates to lifestyle changes. Many lifestyle changes can lead to penis erectile dysfunction, including changes to your diet, or even stress at work.

For a diagnosis of penis erectile dysfunction, you must have problems more than 50 percent of the time when you attempted sexual activity. Some men believe that the problem only relates to sexual intercourse, but many men experience problems when they attempt masturbation alone with visual aids. Unless you have problems keeping an erection or getting an erection 51 percent of the time when you attempt to do so, technically you do not have a penis erectile dysfunction. Even if you do suffer from the problem, you are not alone. Some estimate that up to three in five men suffer from penis erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

The treatment of penis erectile dysfunction typically involves natural remedies. One of the more common remedies is regular exercise. Exercising for a period of 30 minutes for three to five times a day can help reduce penis erectile dysfunction. When you exercise, you release endorphins, have better circulation, and reduce stress and anxiety, which are two causes of penis erectile dysfunction. You should avoid activities like bicycling, as the bicycle rubs against the penis and might increase impotence problems.

In older men, penis erectile dysfunction is sometimes caused by low testosterone levels. As you age, your body starts reducing the amount of testosterone produced, which leads to impotence. Men that drink frequently, use synthetic steroids, or smoke cigarettes are at risk of suffering from penis erectile dysfunction. Some men even suffer from problems because of sexual intercourse with their partner. Engaging in rough or violent behaviors may strain or sprain the penis, which makes having an erection painful and sometimes impossible. The only way to prevent penis erectile dysfunction in that situation is to cut back on the intercourse and give the body time to rest. Sometimes, the resting period lets the penis recover from the act.