What is Average Penis Size?

by graham

Men often obsess over the size of their penis. Considering how many men joke about penis size or make themselves out to sound larger than they really are, it is no wonder size is such an issue. What most men do not realize is that size it not as big of a concern to women as performance. In addition, the average penis size is ultimately flawed. What men do not realize is that the average penis size is between 5 and 6 inches. Unfortunately, when men measure themselves, they often round up to the nearest number or they do not know where to start the measurements.

What is Average Penis Size?

In order to find out what the true length of your penis is, you should speak with your doctor. Your doctor knows exactly how to measure your penis for the most accurate measurements. Unless the measurements reveal that you are well below the average measurement size, you should not concern yourself so much with the size of your penis. When you hear other men claiming that they have a 9-inch penis or larger, chances are they do not. Most men have an average sized penis so you should not be ashamed by your current size.

When you focus too much attention on the true average penis size, you may find yourself with an even bigger problem. Men that obsess too much about penis size often lack in performance. Instead of thinking about your performance, you are too busy worrying about your size. This can seriously impact your relationship. If you are truly concerned with the size of your penis, talk to your significant other. You will surely find yourself relieved by the fact that your significant other has not problems with the current size of your penis. Do not be embarrassed to talk about this issue with your partner.

Some men do have a smaller than average penis. For men whose penis is abnormally small, there are surgeries that can help increase the length of the penis. These surgeries are reserved for those who are in need and are not used as a cosmetic surgery for men who simply want a large penis. Keep in mind that surgeries to the penis can cause nerve damage so unless you absolutely need this surgery, do not obsess over the size of your penis to the point that you are considering any form of lengthening penis surgery.