What Is ED? How It Is Treated?

by Nick Swanson

You don’t have to give up if you’ve been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is quite treatable in the majority of men. The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you get checked out thoroughly by your doctor. That will tell you if you have any kind of medical condition that may have caused your ED. Some men have ED because of a heart or vascular condition, which may make it unsafe for them to engage in sexual activity. You should rule out that possibility first, so you’ll know for sure what you’re dealing with.

What Is ED? How It Is Treated?

Once it has been determined that you don’t have a serious medical condition, or that you’re at least healthy enough to safely have sex, you can begin to explore treatments for your erectile dysfunction. ED can have several different causes, including physical and mental – or emotional – conditions. If you have a medical issue that directly affects your genitals, there may be surgery or other treatments that can help you. If your issue is related to emotional or mental concerns, talking with a sexual therapist or other type of therapist may be more helpful to you than physical treatments.

Getting help is something you should carefully consider if you’ve been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. ED doesn’t have to ruin your life. Be sure that you work with your doctor, however, if you’re going to be taking medication for ED. Some medications can have side effects that are difficult to accept. Naturally, you want to treat erectile dysfunction in yourself. Even with your need to treat a serious problem, though, there’s no reason to make other problems worse or create new problems. You have to have a balance in your health care and in what you’re willing to accept. Your doctor can help you find that balance.

Because there are more men getting older and being afflicted with erectile dysfunction, ED treatments are changing and being created in the US and in other countries. Generally, the most common treatment is oral medication such as Cialis or Viagra. For some men, however, those medications either don’t work or are not safe. If you’re one of the men who fall into that category, some research into less common treatments may help you focus on what you can and can’t accept when it comes to your sexual ability. That can help your doctor create the best treatment plan for you.