What is G-Spot & How to Find it?

by Nick Swanson

G spot Find

When it comes to sexually satisfying your partner, sometimes you need to make sure that you take everything into account. One of the most legendary things when it comes to men trying to please women is certainly the ‘G-Spot’. Often thought of as the Holy Grail of pleasing women, the fact is that in most cases the G-Spot is actually as important as or possibly even more important than clitoral stimulation could be. While today most guys understand the importance of stimulating their partner’s clitoris, the G-Spot continues to be something of a mystery to many of them.

What is G-Spot and How to Find it?

The G-Spot is an area that somewhat resembles the male prostate. It’s a bean shaped mass of tissue that makes up the paraurethral gland, and is roughly the size of a quarter. It feels a little bit rougher than other vaginal tissue, and when stimulation occurs during sex it actually fills up with blood, swelling up in a manner that can almost be compared to a penis. Location wise, if you’re looking for the G-spot it is located around 1 to 2 inches from the vaginal opening, on the front vaginal wall.

This is essentially a pressure point that can provide a new kind of sexual sensation that is a bit different than clitoral stimulation or standard intercourse. It’s important to note that not all women truly love G-Spot stimulation. It’s much like other sexual matters some women absolutely love it, while for others it’s not something that is a must. For those who do enjoy stimulation of their G-Spot, however, it’s something that guys seriously need to discover.

To find your partner’s spot, start off with plenty of foreplay. Since it swells up when stimulation occurs, it’s easier to locate it when your partner is sexually aroused. Once that you have her ready for love, insert a finger into her vagina and make a kind of ‘come here’ hook with it. Slide your fingertip along the vaginal wall until you feel an area that is rougher than the surrounding area. Chances are just touching it will get a bit of a response, but proper stimulation with pressure can help give her an orgasm unlike anything she’s ever experienced.

Once you find the G-Spot, you’ll unlock a number of new ways to truly please your partner. You’ll be able to use your fingers, penis, and even some adult toys to give her an experience unlike any other.