What is Libido? – An Overview

Few things are quite as misunderstood, especially when it comes to men and women, as libido. Just what is libido? The simplest definition of it What is Libido is nothing more than an individual’s desire for sex. It is often referred to as ‘sex drive’ and it will vary from person to person as well as from moment to moment. A number of different things can have an effect on a person’s libido, and more than a few myths exist surrounding it. One example is that men have far more libido than women. While in some cases this is an accurate assessment, in others nothing could be further from the truth. Understanding what is libido is far more complicated than black and white assertions like this.

What is Libido?

When trying to uncover just what is libido, you need to realize that normal for one person may not be normal for another since libido is a personalized matter. It’s important to understand when considering what is libido that there is no clear definition or hard number that defines what a healthy amount of sex is, which complicates understand What is Libido. Some people have sex multiple times each day, others once per day, some once per month, and others very rarely at all. Those who simply don’t desire sexual activity may be asexual or have a hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

There’s also a major difference between libido and impotence, and it’s important if you’re asking yourself ‘what is libido?’ that you also ask yourself ‘What is Libido not?’ Erectile dysfunction, for example, has little or nothing to do with libido and men may have high libido but difficulty maintaining an erection that allows them to act on it. This can be extremely frustrating, obviously. In cases where low libido is combined with ED, low testosterone could be the cause and is often a driving factor behind what is libido.

There are various things that can affect libido, and are worth knowing when asking ‘What is Libido?’ Your relationship with your partner has a huge impact on libido, for example. A strong emotional and physical connection will likely increase sexual desire for one another while unresolved relationship problems or other issues can cause decreased libido. Psychological and physical issues can both affect libido, including emotional or mental problems like stress and depression or physical problems like hormonal issues and some major illnesses like cancer. In some cases medications can reduce libido as well. These are just the basic answers to some questions you may have about just what is libido. The question of ‘what is libido?’ is a fascinating subject that goes much deeper than you may suspect.