What is Male Potency? – Some Basic Information

What is male potency? When it comes to sexual intercourse, a man needs to be able to have a lasting erection. If he cannot achieve this, then his potency has been affected and he develops impotence, or erectile dysfunction. There are many different types of treatment for improving male potency. There are herbal supplements, prescription drugs and even vitamins to help improve a man’s ability to have a longer lasting erection. It is a matter of finding the method of treatment that is best for you.

As amazing as it sounds, there are many men who do not even know what male potency is. They live with their erectile dysfunction and impotence and think that there is nothing available to them to treat it. Sure, they probably know about prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis, but some men can be put off by the potential side effects of these medications. For those men, there are herbal supplements available at any health food store that they can take in order to help with their potency issues. The only thing that you must look out for when taking herbal supplements is for any possible adverse reactions to them. Herbal supplements are not like the prescription medications. They will not give you an erection, rather they will improve your ability to achieve and maintain one for sexual intercourse.

In addition to herbal supplements, there are vitamin supplements that you can take in order to improve your male potency. You can ask your doctor which ones you need to take in order to achieve your desired effect. With vitamins, it is important not to take anything stronger than a multivitamin without your doctor’s okay. Getting too much of certain vitamins can actually hurt you, so go to the doctor and ask what is male potency vitamins you can take to be sure you do not get too much of any vitamin.

Of course, the path that most men take when they learn what is male potency is to go with prescription drugs for their potency problems. Prescription drugs like Viagra cause men to get and keep an erection so they can have sexual intercourse. The main drawback to these prescription drugs is that there is the possibility of the erection not going away after ejaculation. If the erection lasts longer than four hours, then you have to go to the hospital. For some men, that risk far outweighs the benefits of the prescription drug. Again, it is all a matter of what method works for you so you can have a better sex life.