What is Retrograde Ejaculation in Men?

by Nick Swanson

There are numerous health issues that can occur within the male reproductive system, and things like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and more could be a problem for men as they age. These problems occur from time to time without warning, but when they persist it is a sign of a more complex issue. Another problem that guys may face is known as retrograde ejaculation. This issue is a bit more complex, and worth a closer look.

What is Retrograde Ejaculation in Men?

Essentially, retrograde ejaculation is normally referred to as a dry orgasm. This is because men will still have an orgasm during intercourse or masturbation, but there is no semen release during the orgasm. In some cases this is caused by an obstruction of the ejaculatory duct, but in other instances it is caused by the condition known as retrograde ejaculation.

This condition occurs when the semen that would normally be expelled through the urethra during an orgasm is instead directed into the urinary bladder. In normal men, the bladder sphincter contracts tightly in order to force the semen to exit through the urethra. In most cases of retrograde ejaculation, an improperly functioning bladder sphincter is the culprit. Other factors that could lead to retrograde ejaculation include diabetes, prostate problems, certain surgeries for cancers, and the use of medications including tamsulosin and antidepressants or antipsychotics.

This problem can cause a few issues. The main one is infertility, and since no semen is released during ejaculation there will be no sperm introduced into a woman’s reproductive system to start conception. It can also cause relationship problems, and it’s very common for a man’s partner to assume that he isn’t achieving orgasm or that his orgasms are being faked. This can lead to self esteem issues and cause a variety of problems to occur.

Most treatments of this issue focus on the root cause, and surgery is often a final resort. Things like medications may help, but if damage to muscles or the prostate is the cause they won’t normally be useful. Certain medications can help if the cause is minor nerve damage, however, and a doctor will be able to help a man figure out the best option for overcoming this issue.

While it’s not an issue that is frequently thought of in the same way that erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are considered, retrograde ejaculation is nonetheless a very real issue that confronts many men, and it’s something that is worth understanding.