What is the Best Way to Get Larger and Thicker Penis?

by Nick Swanson

When it comes to penis size, most women agree that length isn’t as important as thickness. Simply put, a thicker penis feels better for most women and as a result, when you’re asking yourself “how to make my penis larger”, you should actually be asking yourself ‘How to make my penis thicker”. A thin penis will often lead to not only embarrassment, but a feeling that you can’t satisfy your partner. For some guys, it can be so embarrassing that it can actually cause psychological erectile dysfunction.

What is the Best Way to Get Larger and Thicker Penis?

First of all, keep in mind that there are some things that simply aren’t true where enlarging a penis is concerned. The main thing to remember is that there aren’t any magical bullets that will suddenly make your penis girth increase dramatically. Instead, it takes a lot of work. Another thing to remember is that a female’s pleasure during sex involves a lot of different things included intimacy and technique. Size isn’t everything. Of course, it does help matters, so understanding some of the best ways to improve thickness is important.

For starters, there are certain exercises that can help. Things like jelqing, which involves using a rotating, milking procedure, could be exactly what is needed. Another option is the use of a penis pump. Both of these options need to be done on a regular basis in order to gradually start noticing results. However, in the case of the pump there will be an immediate, but temporary, increase in the girth of your erection. For some guys, this is more than enough to satisfy their needs.

Supplements are a huge market these days, and there is some evidence that suggests that the right supplements may help increase blood flow and pressure in the penis. Whether or not this provides a permanent boost to flaccid penis thickness is still being debated, but the evidence does suggest that by increasing blood flow, the size and thickness of an erect penis could greatly be increased. Since the erection is the most important aspect of size where sexual performance is concerned, this is usually enough of an improvement to warrant the use of these supplements.

Other tools exist as well, including things like weights or stretching tools, but in most cases a combination of pumping, supplements, and manual exercises are enough to deliver the kind of results a man can be satisfied with when it comes to boosting their penis thickness.