Smoking and Impotence: What is the Connection?

When you start suffering from male impotence, it’s easy to panic and become so lost in frustration, confusion, and fear that you don’t even realize what the primary culprit could be. In fact, for most, the primary causes of impotence aren’t even as big of a problem as their own concerns. Performance anxiety triggered by one bout of erectile dysfunction could cause ED to continue to occur. However, for many men the simple fact is that their bad habits have led to male impotence.

Smoking and Impotence: What is the Connection?

In particular, smoking could trigger male impotence in a big way. There is now 20 years’ worth of evidence that backs up this claim, and understanding just why smoking is such a big issue where your sexuality is concerned may help convince you that there’s never been a better time to stop than now.

For starters, just look at the numbers. Based on two decades of research, 40 percent of men suffering from male impotence were smokers. This doesn’t even include those that are former smokers, just those that are currently smoking. And while 40 percent doesn’t seem like a big number since it’s not quite half, remember that the majority of those suffering from impotence are actually over the age of 60. In younger men, the percentage is even higher. Men under the age of 47 who smoke have a 60 percent higher chance of developing erectile dysfunction.

So why does smoking cause male impotence? Primarily, it’s a circulatory issue. Smoking causes serious buildup of plaque in the arteries as well as numerous other circulatory and cardiovascular issues. Circulation problems are one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction, and as you smoke and damage your body’s ability to circulate blood you ruin its ability to pump blood into the penis. Since erections occur by blood filling the chambers inside the penis, a reduction of blood flow means that there’s a reduction of erection strength.

With this information in mind, it makes sense that when you’re trying to improve your sexual performance you need to consider putting down the smokes. The plain and simple fact is that smoking is one of the biggest risk factors to developing male impotence and it has a huge impact on your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. While certain male enhancement products are capable of improving your sexual performance, start off by putting out the cigarettes. It’s something that will help your overall health and your sexual health as well.