What Is The Normal Size Of A Penis?

by graham

The word “normal” is a very subjective term. What seems like an average penis size to one man could be either exceptionally small or exceptionally large to another. In clinical studies, men were asked to determine if they felt they had a normally sized penis. Most of them thought they fell short of the mark, even though the statistics showed that, contrary to their own observations, many of the men had a perfectly average sized member. What is the normal size of a pennis? Between five and seven inches is deemed average. This information may come as a relief to many.

All too often, people tend to fall into stereotypical ideas regarding the size of the penis and the worth of the man as both a lover and as a man. In studies in which women were asked to rate the importance of the girth, or width of the penis versus the length, an almost overwhelming 90% regarded the width to be far more important for sexual satisfaction. Thus when indicating the normal size of the pennis, perhaps the length needs to be disregarded, and the girth factored in. Unfortunately, many cannot seem to shake this ideology, and continue to feel underdeveloped.

In reference to sexual satisfaction, the normal size of the pennis seems to have very little to do with climax in both partners. As the vagina is built to adapt to the size of penis during intercourse, muscle use is actually what deems a good fit as far as length goes. However, some studies have suggested that the wider penis is able to stimulate the clitoris by causing more tension on the outer labia during sex. If men were aware of how much store women set by this type of stimulation, the desirability of width over length would make great headway.

One of the researchers involved in some of these sexual studies suggested that the satisfactory outcome of sexual relations is affected by the psychological expectations of women engaging in sex with men who have a large penis. In addition, women who only perceived an erect penis prior to engagement felt a greater amount of satisfaction than those who observed a flaccid penis before penetration. The normal size of a pennis without erection can vary widely, but is usually only about two to three inches. Therefore, the size perception can be widely skewed by both men and women in regard to sex.