What Women Think About Penis Size?

by Nick Swanson

Some women sat that the size of their partner’s penis matters as it affects the pleasure and satisfaction they gets. Most would say that better pleasure and satisfaction is likely achieved with a larger penis. The question about what penis size is best seems to be always a topic when it comes to sex discussions. A number of people may agree on one but regardless of the common opinion of the majority, take note that every individual thinks differently and have their own preferences.

What Women Think About Penis Size

We know that not every man has the same size when it comes to their sex organ and we are talking about adult men in this matter as the subject of comparison. Men are endowed very differently when it comes to their sex organ which is to say that they may have a small, average, large or extra-large penis. Whatever size a man may come with, it’s not something that they have chosen for themselves, so manhood definitely should not be defined in terms of penis size.

Average Joe, Down There

So given that the sizes of penises vary, the question is regarding the measurement that hits the requirements of the average size of the penis. In case you are wondering, the average measurement is from 5.5 inches to 6.2 inches when erect. In girth, the average will measure between 4 inches to 5 inches. To get a better idea on the average size, get a US dollar bill, its length is pretty much what the average size will measure

The Verdict Of Women

Some women would say that larger penises work better for them, actually not all of women would agree to this. It is likely that a woman will not be able to enjoy sex if it is painful. Women tend to experience pain when they have sexual intercourse with a man who has an above-average-size penis. A lot of women would agree, on the other hand, that penis size is something that does not really matter. This is good news to those who are not genetically gifted down there.

Personality and looks are what matters, not how big his penis

Most women agree that technique is more important than size. As a matter of fact, even men with small or average sized penises can be better in giving women orgasms. How? You can use your finger or tongue. You can also learn what makes your partner have orgasms. You can do this by experimenting or just asking her.


The truth is that penis size does matter a little bit. However, there are many ways to compensate if you are stuck with a small penis. You can considerably improve your sexual performance by learning how to give great oral sex and learning advanced techniques that result to mind-blowing orgasms. You can also try male enhancers which can help you achieve long-lasting quality erections that will impress your partner. It is up to you to find the solution to your small (no pun intended) problem.