Things You Should Do To Keep Love in Your Relationship

by Nick Swanson

If you want to last longer on bed is the best place to start. Using techniques like distraction and the stop-start method can allow you to give a more satisfactory experience to your partner more often. That’s not to say that a quick interaction is always a bad thing, but some men have trouble lasting very long any time they have sex. There are many men with that problem, often called premature ejaculation. It’s most common in younger men because they don’t yet have as much control, but older men can suffer from the condition, as well.

What You Can do to Keep Love in Your Relationship?

If you think you might have premature ejaculation or you aren’t sure whether you have a medical condition but you just want to last longer on bed is a good place to explore your options. Try distracting yourself when you get close to ejaculation. Don’t wait too long, or you might not distract yourself in time to stop your orgasm. Work on mastering the technique of distraction so that you can last longer. If that doesn’t work, or you want something else you can try, consider the stop-start method. Stop when you get close to ejaculating, and resume only when you’ve regained some control.

The stop-start technique can be used with your partner, or alone as something you can practice through masturbation. The recommended way to use the technique alone is to stop as you get close to ejaculation three times in a row, and then proceed to orgasm on the fourth time. You can vary that technique to better suit your needs, of course, but it’s one of the ways to last longer on Bed doesn’t have to be a bad place where you’re worried about performance. You can learn what to do in order to have more satisfying experiences.

For some men with severe premature ejaculation, there is a serious desire to last longer. Bed and the techniques that can be used there might not be enough for these men. Some doctors prescribe antidepressants to premature ejaculators, because one of the side effects is a lowered ability to have an orgasm. That’s generally a very unwelcome side effect, but it can help men who ejaculate too quickly last longer. That results in a more pleasing sexual experience for the men and for their partners. There are all types of ways to last longer in the bedroom, and you must explore until you find the way that is right for you.