What You Mean by Having Sex?

When you hear the term ‘having sex’, what do you really think about? Is it just penetration, or does ejaculation have to occur? Is it a single position, or do you really only consider yourself as having completed a sexual encounter when multiple sex positions have been gone through? Understanding more about just what the definition of sex is will be important for ensuring that you and your partner get the most from your sex sessions.

What You Mean by Having Sex?

In general, sex could be defined as oral, anal, or vaginal stimulation of the genitals. However, something like heavy petting, where the penis is rubbed through clothing by the partner’s leg or pelvis, could produce an ejaculation and as a result may qualify as a sexual encounter. In other instances, an act that involves not even touching the genitals but still results in stimulation, arousal, and possibly and orgasm could still be considered a type of sex.

In most people’s mind, sex involves penetration. No matter the sex positions you try out, the chances are good that penetration is a primary component of it. Whether or not ejaculation or orgasm arises, you’re still having sex and as a result the odds are that one or both of you is enjoying it. Sex sessions can last for hours or just for a few minutes, and it’s also important to understand that you don’t both have to be stimulated in order for it to be sex. For instance, oral pleasure from one partner to another may only be sexually gratifying for one of you, but is still sex.

Obviously, sex means something different depending on who you ask. You may define it as anything that involves pleasure, even if touching isn’t involved phone sex is a good example. In other cases you may consider it to be sex only when penetration occurs. No matter what your specific definition of it is, there’s little question that it’s something you’ll probably enjoy completely.

To ensure that you and your partner get the most from your sex sessions, be sure that you both understand what the other one enjoys and what you consider to be a gratifying sexual experience. Whether it’s oral, vaginal, or anal and no matter how many sex positions you want to try, having sex means different things to different people. Learning more about your partner’s overall interests and desires should help you determine the best way to ensure that you both enjoy your encounters.