Here’s When is She Most Likely to Want More Sex from You

While men are usually up for sex anytime or anywhere an opportunity may present itself, women, on the other hand, need a bit of inspiration to get into the mood. Men and women are quite different in their sexual preferences and men need to try and figure out why at certain times their women may not just be in the mood for it.

This is what will help in strengthening and protecting relationships from collapsing due to misunderstandings that usually happen because of the differences in sexual preferences amongst couples.

Below are some factors that studies suggest often affects women libido:

The Appearance of the Man

There is the age-old belief that it is only men who are usually turned on by visual stimuli.

Recent studies have found out that even women also get turned on by a man’s physical appearance, motility, and body. Women are usually turned on sexually by men who are fairly masculine. This explains why if you recently started going to the gym and burn some fats and made some cuts on your body, she all over sudden wants to have more sex with you. This is enough reason for you hit the gym to keep fit and put on some reasonable muscle.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Women also find men who are athletic sexually attractive to them because they perceive that his athletic prowess will automatically be the same with his sexual performance. Next time when going for an athletic game or cycling challenge, why not consider going with your lady to go and cheer you as you battle it with your comrades?

Certain Times of the Day

Women are quite unique when it comes to when they will feel like getting into bed with you. Most women will want to have sex with their men when they are feeling their best. They will want it when they feel they have energy, more connected to their men, are not stressed by work, and when they are simply just feeling sexy. This may be at night or during day time and so men need to try and figure out the best time their ladies feel sexy.

When you see that she is energized and in good moods then this will be the best time for you to initiate sex regardless of the time of the day it may be. You can request her to give you a shot before she can continue with some of her duties rather than wait until night time when her moods will have changed.

Certain Body Odor

Just as men find women’s body odor important for their sexual attraction, so is it for women too. For women it is even more important for their sexual attraction and this explains why if a woman doesn’t like the way you smell you will find it hard to bed her.

Men who have bad breath are a big turn off for most women and therefore if you wish to turn her on sexually ensure that you keep your breath fresh by brushing. Some studies suggest that a woman’s sense of smell often plays a vital role in whatever attracts her to a man sexually. It is the smell of a man that will give a woman a perception of the man’s health, hygiene, and his general genetic makeup. There are minute airborne molecules referred to as pheromones that humans emit from the various gland present in their bodies. These can influence a woman’s desire to get intimate sexually with a certain man.

Male pheromones, for example, have been found to offer information about a man’s proportion. This may be an indicator of the man’s fitness genetically and if he will be compatible with the woman genetically. What this means is that the woman will want to have sex with you if your pheromones are appealing to her.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

When Your Words are Sexually Appealing to Her

Women usually find men who have a sense of humor sexually attractive to them. What this means is that your woman will definitely find it easy to give in to your sexual advances if your presence around her made her laugh her heart out.

Women usually get relaxed simply by laughing and tend to get sexually submissive to men who can give them more and more laughter.

When She Feels Insecure about Losing You to Another Woman

Some women can get subtle at times when they get intimidated by other ladies. Some women will use sex to earn favor from their men when they feel intimidated by other ladies.

Women who fear to lose their men to others they perceive to be prettier will want to have more sex as a way of distracting the attention that their men may want to give the other ladies.

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The above explanations help to demystify the age-old belief that it is only men who are visually turned on sexually and not women. Most ladies usually find handsome looking men sexy for them and will even imagine going to bed with them.

The body odor of a man will also play an important role in turning on a particular woman sexually. It is important to note that every woman has her own preference of the kind of a man’s odor that turns her on sexually.

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