Why Are Men Obsess Over Penis Size?

by Nick Swanson

In recent years, the standard average of penis size is not as big as it had been thought in the past. Medical books, articles and blogs are stating that the average penile length is approximately 6.5 inches or 16.5 centimeters.

Because of this standardization, a lot of men think and feel that they are inadequate inadequate where it really counts. It leads them to sexual fears which give them worries about having sexual intercourse.

At this worrying time, men concern themselves with the length of their penises. Some women accept whatever the size their men have. But many ladies are into big sizes It’s not only because of commercialism but it is because of the true nature of sexual intercourse.

The Beginning of the Obsession

Why Are Men Obsess Over Penis Size

Scientifically, sexual intercourse is for procreation. Without it, the world will not be populated in the first place. Obviously, it is very pleasurable and it is human nature to seek sexual satisfaction. A very long time ago, there were only a few sex positions. Now, there are hundreds. Why? It is all about satisfaction. Of course, it is not just satisfaction on the man’s part like it used to when kings and other powerful men had hundreds of concubines.

This satisfaction is nowa two-way traffic. It should be a give-and-take situation. If only one is being satisfied, then it is not a real unification. They’re doing it wrong. However, there are some sexual problems that might hinder the satisfaction. On the part of man, his small sized penis or erectile dysfunction is usually the source of the problem.

If he has either one of these, then his sexual unification with his partner will be problematic. Women also want to be given their end of the bargain-they want to be satisfied. If that satisfaction is not reached then the unification is a failure. Sometimes, these kinds of cases are the grounds for separation and divorce.

This is why men are so obsessed with the sizes of their penis and are always looking for ways to enhance the size of the penis.

Solutions to the Problem

You cannot take away the fact that women also want to be satisfied. And if you have a small penis, there’s a good chance that you will not satisfy her (unless, of course she accepts you for who you are).

But let’s take a look at the worst scenario: Your woman is not satisfied with your small penis. Do you know what to do, then?

There are many ways to enhance the size of the penis. But the safest and the most effective solution is the natural variety. There are many male enhancement supplements made from all-natural ingredients.

There are a lot of natural male enhancement supplements which have the capacity to enhance the size of the penis. What they do is that they improve the natural flow of blood into your penis so that you can have a firmer erection and you will be able to sustain it for a very long time.

Search on the internet. There are thousands of websites reviewing these kinds of product. Just remember to choose very carefully. And to help you choose, find these following ingredients: Yohim e, tribulus, ginseng, avena sativa, niacin, L-arginine, epimedium, damiana and ginkgo biloba-these are proven to be effective and have been used for centuries.