Why Men Suffer From Sexual Dysfunction?

Impotence is something men hope they never have to deal with but unfortunately it is a common problem among men. There are different causes of impotence in men. Many times the problem causing impotence is a mental issue that they need to overcome and the issue will resolve itself. There are medical causes of impotence that should be addressed. Impotence can be a sign of an underlying medical concern that would need treatment before it became worse. Whatever the causes of impotence, there is treatment available that can alleviate the issues.

Causes of Impotence

The causes of impotence vary from young men to older men. For younger men, the problem usually stems from a mental issue, like anxiety, guilt or depression. In rare occasions, there are health issues for the younger men but they are usually easy to fix. The causes of impotence in older men can include the same problems younger men face but they could also include more serious health problems that need treatment. Most of the sufferers of impotence are older patients. The causes of impotence can be easily treated and the condition can be reversed.

Psychological pressures and issues are one of the causes of impotence that many men deal with. In fact, most of the people suffering from impotence are doing so because of whatever mental issues they are dealing with. This could include anxiety because it is the first time with that partner or they are new to sex and do not have that much experience. There could be guilt because of the infidelity of one of the people in the encounter, either the man with impotence or his partner. Fear could be another of the causes of impotence. The fear could be the fear of getting caught in the act, fear of a pregnancy or fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Other causes of impotence that are not physical could include depression, pressure from the partner to perform a certain way or outside concerns from daily life.

There are also medical causes of impotence that men can suffer with. Some are simple like too much tobacco or alcohol use. Other causes of impotence include being overweight and out of shape or using illegal drugs. These causes can be easily reversed by cutting out alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Eating healthier and starting an exercise program can also help. There are more serious causes of impotence like diabetes and high blood pressure that would require medication or other treatment to take care of.