Why Penis Size Matters?

by Nick Swanson

Most women are stressing about the size of their breasts, weight or how big their butt is. Men also have a similar insecurity when it comes to their penis size. At some point in a man’s life, he worries about the size of his penis and if it is big enough to satisfy his partner. When it comes down to the bottom line: what is the reason why penis size matters?

A Significant Study on Penis Size

Why Penis Size Matters?

To answer the common question why penis size matters researchers interviewed 323 women in Scotland. The women who were mostly university students were asked to recall their past sexual encounters. They were asked about their recent behaviors related to sex and how important the act of penile-vaginal intercourse along with other sexual acts to them. The subject of penis length and its effect on their ability to orgasm with vaginal stimulation was also covered in the interview.

The study indicated that 160 of the participants experienced vaginal-only orgasm which means they were only able to achieve orgasms just with penile-vaginal intercourse. Out of all the participants, 33.8% preferred penises that are longer-than-average, 60% stated that size made no difference and 6.3% said that longer is less pleasurable compared to shorter. The researchers found that women who experienced the highest number of vaginal orgasms stated that longer was better. This leads to the conclusion that there is basis to say that size really matters. This means that the reason why penis size matters is because of sexual satisfaction.

Sexual Satisfaction

Although this is just one study and the results are still not enough to prove anything, this supports the hypothesis that penis size matters when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Some experts believe that the reason why penis size matters when it comes to achieving an orgasm is because a longer penis is able to hit the woman’s G-spot.

On the other hand, a shorter penis wouldn’t be able to stimulate the G-spot. Other experts also believe that another reason why a smaller penis size results to lower sexual satisfaction is because men who have smaller-sized penis have lower confidence which usually leads to a poor sexual performance. However, some studies indicate that men who have smaller-than-average penis try to make up for it with a better-than-average sexual performance. Some studies also indicate that women experience pain while having sex when the penis size is above average.


There are many reasons why size matters when it comes to the male sex organ. The top reason is because is associated with sexual satisfaction of women. The good news for both men and women is that there are many options for increasing penis size like surgery and male enlargement products. Also, there are other ways to please women sexually.