Why You Don’t Like Sex Even If Your Partner Is In The Mood?

by Nick Swanson

It is quite surprising to hear about men not being in the mood for sex. Usually, men can be easily aroused. However, if a man has so many things going on with his life, these things affect his sexual drive or male libido. In other cases, health problems like low testosterone is responsible for the low sex drive.

Causes of Low Sexual Interest

Why You Don’t Like Sex Even If Your Partner Is In The Mood

One of the causes of lack of sexual drive is because of stress. This is not only a reason for women; men who are stressed will have diminished sexual energy too. Stress affects the human body negatively and the effects are the same for both men and women. Being sick is another cause of low sexual interest. If you are sick, you really don’t feel sexy or confident about your appearance. This lower self-confidence affects your sexual drive and energy.

Are you taking any medication right now? Your lack of sexual drive can be due to over-the-counter drugs and medications. These things can decrease sexual appetite. Certain antidepressants are known to really decrease sexual drive. Even birth control pills can reduce sexual interest and can make it hard to reach an orgasm. Other causes can be ageing, lifestyle, relationship issues, body image, depression, drugs, alcohol and a new baby.

Male Sexual Disorders

Apart from all those causes, a man can have low sexual interest if he is suffering from a sexual problem like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. While these sexual disorders don’t lower sexual interest, men feel embarrassed because of their poor sexual performance. They opt to avoid sex in order to avoid an embarrassing situation.

If sexual disorder is the reason why there is a lack of sexual drive, there is always a way to treat it. Virectin male enhancement supplements are loaded with natural ingredients that aim to boost sexual energy, enhance male libido and provide firmer and stronger erections. All these results enable you to have a much better sexual performance.

What are the key ingredients of Virectin that will help increase your sexual interest? One of its ingredients is Tribulus terrestis. This has been used as an aphrodisiac in Indian and Eastern Medicine. In Greece, this ingredient is used to treat sexual dysfunction and boost libido. Tribulus terrestis also helps in boosting sexual performance due to its ability to help increase the testosterone levels of a man. Wild oats is a special herb that acts like an aphrodisiac for both men and women. This helps boost their sexual interest. For men who are not in the mood to have sex, this ingredient will boost your sexual appetite once again.

Mucuna pruriens helps in improving male libido, increasing stamina and testosterone and getting better erections. Fenugreek seed helps in augmenting the sexual hormone levels of the body so libido will considerably improve. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf is helpful in boosting sexual drive as well.