Top 8 True Reasons Why Women Moan During Sex

Mostly it is the women who usually make the most noise during sex and men don’t seem to understand why their women make such noises. Most men usually think that maybe they are such wonderful lovers and the screams and moans from their women are indications of their sexual prowess.

While this may be true in some cases, there are a lot more reasons why women moan and make those kinds of funny noise during lovemaking. It must also be noted that the reasons that make a woman moan differ from one woman to the next.

Below Are the 8 Common Reasons Why Women Moan During Sex:

#1 To Help Boost her Man’s Ego

Most women usually start to moan after foreplay just when their men have penetrated them and will increase the noise when their men are almost reaching orgasm. Most women say that they usually moan to help turn their men on for an enhanced lovemaking.

Unfortunately, most women confessed that they moaned even though they did not feel the pleasure themselves. Women say that by moaning, they know that it makes their men feel better and confident. This proves that women can successfully use their voice to control the feelings of their men during sex.

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You may want to know why women do this but the answer is quite simple. They do it so as to manipulate their men’s behavior to their advantage. When a woman moans her man’s self-esteem is high, and the bond between her and her man becomes strong.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

#2 As an Involuntary Response to Pleasure

Another reason why most women moan during sex is due to the intense pleasure they experience from it. It is natural for women to moan in ecstasy when they are enjoying the pleasure that sex offers. Sex for most women makes them experience an involuntary audible response which is echoed by moaning.

#3 As an Involuntary Response to Pain

When sex is painful most women usually find it hard to tell their men and so they often moan in pain. This is involuntary just the same way they moan when feeling the pleasure. Next time when making love with your partner, ask her if her moans are due to pleasure or pain.

#4 To Boost their Sex Drive

With all the hectic daily activities some women usually find it hard to get into the mood for sex and so they will moan to help them get turned on. Some women have confessed that moaning helps them to forget the stressful events that they encountered during the day that may inhibit their likelihood of enjoying sex.

Moaning helps a woman to let go of the negative thoughts that may be bothering her and instead concentrate on the act with her man.

#5 To Make their Men Feel Good

Women know that men find women who are responsive to their sexual act appealing and so they moan to make their men feel good. When she is moaning she is reassuring you that you are pleasing to her. This is what will make the sex more exhilarating for both of you.

#6 To Turn their Men on

There are times when a woman wants sex but the man is not just in the mood for it. A woman in this situation will moan to help her man turn on. Men are usually sensitive to the noises women make especially during sex.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Many men have confessed to having been turn on by moans from their ladies even though initially they were not even in the mood for doing it.

#7 To Hasten the Act

Some women will moan if they are finding the act boring and so would wish for it to end faster. This usually works for such women because most men usually get intensely high by such moans that they will orgasm rather fast.

Most women have admitted to faking orgasms by moaning to help hasten boring sex. This could be as a result of men staying too long on them or not doing it as per their desires.

#8 To Make Things go a Little Slow

Some women will use their moans to help slow things down when they anticipate that their men will orgasm too soon. They often do this by altering the rhythm of their bodies and the tone of their moans so that their men can interpret that they still want more.

Most women agree that they have used moans to help slow down partners who orgasm rather quickly!


Based on the above explanations it is evident that indeed moans and screams from women are very important for lovemaking. If all men knew and understood the various reasons why their women moan and make all those manners of noises, sex would be a lot more different for couples. If you want to improve the erections, then you might review this Avitra Review male enhancement formula for better performance in bed.

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