Women’s Labido – The Basics

by Nick Swanson

Women's Labido
Understanding women’s labido is a complicated matter, mainly due to the fact that so many variables factor into it. But understanding the basics is fairly simple, and one of the most commonly asked questions concerning the subject, is just how women’s labido works, why it can change, and what can be done to improve it.

While each person is different when it comes to libido, there has been a large amount of research done into the world of women’s labido and in most cases understanding the basics of the subject can help a person recognize if there is a problem, what could be causing it, and what they can do about it.

Women’s labido is her desire to engage in sexual activity, and in the case of women it can fluctuate over the years due to a wide range of different factors. Studies suggest that women’s labido is more susceptible to change than that of men and that a few more factors can influence it. Something such as the beginning or end of a relationship, for instance, can cause libido to swell or to recede. Pregnancy can have a huge effect on women’s labido as well since it greatly alters the chemical makeup of the body during its duration.

Women’s labido is also affected by menopause and by their menstrual cycle in general. As ovulation occurs, women’s labido can rise and fall accordingly. A number of other issues that affect men can affect women as well, such as alcoholism, anemia, diabetes, prescription medication, and much more. And while some don’t realize it, women do have slight levels of testosterone in their bodies. If this level falls too low then women’s labido could fall along with it. Of course, some women experience no loss of libido at all throughout their lives and enjoy a healthy sex life into their golden years.

It’s important to realize that Women’s labido is different for every woman. A lack of interest in sex may not be a psychological or physical issue at all but rather nothing more than the way a particular person’s psyche is ‘wired’. Low libido is only really an issue if it is caused by a serious medical condition or if the lower levels of women’s labido are causing the woman or her partner frustration or emotional distress. If the woman is happy and satisfied with her life, sex may not be something that she cares about in the least. A physician can help identify underlying causes of lowered women’s labido and help you overcome it.