X4 Labs Extender Review: How Does X4 Labs Extender Work?

by Nick Swanson

X4 Labs Extender Overview

The X4 Labs Extender is a device that is to be used to lengthen a man’s penis. While the use of oral treatments for supporting penis size have become very popular in recent years, penis extension tools such as this are normally thought of as being old-fashioned, something the makers of X4 Extender are eager to disprove.

The X4 Extender website is extremely comprehensive and full of information, almost to the point where it becomes hard to navigate. There are many different sections on subjects such as how the device works, the theory and history behind the principle of traction, plus health articles, doctor testimonials and of course, the ordering page.

Although X4 Extender states that it has a 6 month money back guarantee, this actually only applies to certain orders, from the Deluxe package up. Any orders of the simpler packages (such as the ‘starter’) are not covered by the guarantee and have a limited warranty. The Starter package cost is $124.95, the Deluxe model is $220.95.

X4 Labs Extender Product Details

X4 Labs Extender

The X4 extender is made to gently pull on the penis over time, a process called the principle of traction, whereby skin cells are broken down and regenerated as stronger and longer. The manufacturer claims that the consumer can gain up to 1” per month, although they can decide for themselves exactly what results they wish to achieve. There are tools on the website that help the user determine just how much he should lengthen his penis by, given current size and girth etc.

X4 Extender is made with certified technological processes and the device is 100% safe for use.

Good About X4 Labs Extender

  • Some X4 Extender orders have a leather carrying case and foam comfort pads
  • The process is safe
  • No oral capsules are required
  • Clinical studies have been performed
  • The process does not cause harmful side effects
  • The ordering process is secure and shipping is discreet
  • Larger orders have a money back guarantee

Bad About X4 Labs Extender

  • The product is expensive
  • The website is hard to navigate
  • No manufacturer contact address or phone number is provided
  • Not all orders are covered by a guarantee

X4 Labs Extender The Bottom Line

Because more men are using oral capsules to ‘grow’ their penis, the idea of using a device such as the X4 Labs Extender now seems very old-fashioned and even humorous. Even though the idea behind the device makes sense, the reality of actually being able to stretch the penis to permanently lengthen it does seem far-fetched and many men may be deterred by the thought of the discomfort it might cause.