Yohimbe 451 Review – Read The Shocking Truth About Yohimbe 451

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Yohimbe 451 Overview

Yohimbe 451 is a supplement developed by GNC for men. The website and label information on Yohimbe 451 is very coy about its uses and never states outright that it can be used to treat sexual dysfunction. GNC is based in Pittsburgh, PA, and is the largest retailer of nutritional supplements in the world.

Yohimbe 451 Product Details

Yohimbe 451

Each capsule of Yohimbe 451 contains 451mg of Yohimbe Bark Extract that is said to contain 2% Yohimbine Alkaloids, or 9mg of Yohimbine. The inactive ingredients are Gelatin, Cellulose, and Calcium Carbonate.

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree found in several African countries. The bark of this tree contains a chemical called Yohimbine, which is the active ingredient in many natural male enhancement supplements and has been used in its pure form in Drug
erectile dysfunction medication. Some research has shown promising results for Yohimbine in treating various sexual issues such as low libido, erection issues, and impotence. However, completely conclusive evidence from clinical studies has not yet been found.

There are also many problems associated with Yohimbine. First, the Yohimbe tree may be endangered due to high international demand and the fact that it dies after its bark is harvested and new trees must be planted to compensate. Second, the chemical itself is present in the bark only in small amounts and so it is important to extract it to sufficient potencies. Thus, it can become confusing when different supplements contain varying milligrams of Yohimbe Bark Extract that contains varying levels of Yohimbine, making it tricky to compare products and determine the accurate dosage and intake. Yohimbine also has many possible side effects. Some of these potential influences are positive, such as support fat loss and support for certain depression treatments. However, there are far more negative factors to consider before using products containing Yohimbine. It is banned in some countries because it can be dangerous if used in large amounts, with the line between an effective dose and an excessive dose being very thin. Additionally, it may cause anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness, insomnia, headaches, and could raise blood pressure and heart rate. Possible serious side effects include seizures, support suicidal tendencies in those with depression, and kidney failure.

GNC does not include much in the way of product information on its website and never states why Yohimbe 451 should be used. Perhaps it is purposefully vague out of discretion, or perhaps to fly under the FDA radar. There are not as many warnings on this label as there are with other Yohimbe Bark products. It merely states that it is “not intended for use by those with a medical condition,” and to use only as directed without exceeding the suggested intake. Dosage instructions are to take one capsule at least one hour prior to activity. Yohimbe 451 is available online and in GNC stores for $22.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules. There are a few positive reviews on the website.

Good About Yohimbe 451

  • Yohimbe Bark has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries by native cultures
  • Yohimbine has shown some promise in human and animal trials
  • GNC is a respected and well established company
  • Yohimbine content stated and tested

Bad About Yohimbe 451

  • No description online as to what it should be used for, what it does, or how it works
  • Not for long term usage
  • Yohimbine can have many negative side effects
  • Potentially dangerous interactions with certain illnesses and medications

Yohimbe 451, The Bottom Line

With all the conflicting evidence and reports on Yohimbe Bark and Yohimbine, it can be difficult to come to a clear conclusion on its efficacy. While Yohimbe 451 has the possibility to be dangerous to some individuals, it is manufactured by a trusted company and should be safe if used according to the instructions on the label. It may be up for each man to decide if the potential or actual side effects outweigh the potential or actual benefits.

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