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ZuluTEST Overview

With age, many men have had to contend with the challenges associated with low levels of testosterone. However, this need not be the case for a man who desires to feel the boost that comes with high testosterone levels.

One can be aged but still get to experience their libido as that of a young man at the height of their youth. Using male enhancing supplements, there is hope. One of the things that a man can try to make use of is an enhancement product.

These are supplements formulated to help men get enhanced functionality in their bodies through the specific areas that they target. One product that men can make use of to boost function of testosterone is a product by the name ZuluTest.

ZuluTest is a one of a kind dietary supplement formulated to boost testosterone levels in the male body. It is from the use of this product that a man feels like the Zulu African warrior he is. This product makes use of a blend of all African herbs in achieving the boost in testosterone function. The manufacturer of this product goes by the name African Wild Naturals LLC.

Claims and Features – What You Need To Know


The main claim that the product manufacturer makes is that ZuluTest helps in boosting testosterone capabilities in men. As a result, men ought to feel a boost in their strength levels, lower fat levels in the body as well as enhanced energy and mood levels in the body.

The product manufacturer also claims that this is a one of a kind product that makes use of a blend of all natural ingredients to ensure no side effects are felt.

What Are The Ingredients In ZuluTEST?

The main ingredients in ZuluTest are:

Bulbine Natalensis: Locally known as Ibhucu, this is a well-known traditional aphrodisiac and one which helps men get to enjoy improved sexual function. In as much as this ingredient has shown to be effective, it comes with a very severe side effect in that it is linked to similar challenges associated by men who make use of steroids. Studies done on this ingredient have only been on rats and the damage stated above on organs is seen.

Massularia Accuminata: This is an ingredient that locally goes by the name Pako Ijebu. This herb also has been shown to help in boosting testosterone levels. The studies that are currently available are just those that have been done on laboratory animals. To get the desired results in testosterone boost, very high doses of this ingredient are required. The doses have to be as high as 1000mg/kg. Laboratory studies have also shown that this ingredient may cause toxicity of the liver.

Typha Capensis: This is the Zulu Love Root. It helps in boosting libido levels in men, though no clinical studies have yet been done to actually prove the said claims.

Eriosema Kraussianum: Known locally as Bagalala, this herb is mainly used in boosting testosterone levels as well as enhancing libido levels in men.

ZuluTEST Benefits

The main merits of using this product include:

  • It may help boost the growth of lean muscle mass
  • It can elevate production of testosterone
  • It helps boost libido levels
  • It boosts energy levels

ZuluTEST Drawbacks

The main demerits that men using this product can point out to include:

  • No actual clinical results have been done on the product other than lab trials
  • From the results that were shown in the clinical trials, organ damage is a common result of using this product

How Should You Take ZuluTEST?

According to the manufacturer of the product use of two tablets on a daily basis is recommended

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of ZuluTEST?

From the laboratory trials done, this product may cause organ damage similar to that caused by steroid use in men.

The Bottom Line

Many men desire enhanced testosterone function. Use of a supplement that can help elevate the levels of testosterone seems like a good idea. However, when the side effects seem to outweigh the benefits that the product offers, the product may not be worth it after all.

This seems to be the case with ZuluTest which actually boosts testosterone levels but the side effects associated with the use of the product are far worse than low levels of testosterone.

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