Rexbull – Does Rexbull Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Rexbull Overview

Rexbull promotional web pages claim that Rexbull is a men’s performance enhancement supplement that effectively increases libido. However, basically no other information about Rexbull can be readily located online; user reviews, clinical studies, lists of ingredients, or even promised mechanisms of action do not appear to be featured online. Furthermore, the promotional web pages that feature links to the “official” Rexbull website (where purchases of this supplement can presumably be conducted) actually do not redirect consumers to this promised website. Instead, consumers are sent to a website for a different male enhancement product.

Rexbull Product Details


As mentioned above, detailed information about Rexbull cannot be found online. It appears that this once highly promoted product has all but disappeared entirely, and while there is a possibility that it is now simply being sold under another product name, this possibility cannot be currently confirmed. Rexbull was claimed to provide an all-in-one, fast-acting, effective way to address a lack of libido, endurance, and confidence during sexual intercourse. However, other than these claimed benefits, no substantial information about Rexbull can be located online. Consumers are even left unclear on the price of Rexbull or where it can purchased. Furthermore, a company under the name of “Rexbull” has had many different complaints filed against it, according to the Better Business Bureau. Whether or not this company is the same company that manufacturers this male performance supplement of the same name, however, is unclear.

Good About Rexbull

  • This supplement is said to be a natural way to improve sexual performance for men.

Bad About Rexbull

  • No lists of ingredients can be found online.
  • The price of Rexbull is unclear.
  • Links to the official Rexbull website are not longer functional; such links currently direct consumers to the website of a different male enhancement product.
  • Clinical studies supporting the claimed benefits of Rexbull are not cited and do not appear to have ever been conducted.
  • There are no readily locatable user reviews or testimonials for this product.

Rexbull The Bottom Line

Overall, Rexbull is far from an ideal male performance supplement. A general lack of information surrounds this product, and a website where it can be purchased from does not even appear to be currently available online. Consumers would be wise to ignore Rexbull’s claimed benefits and instead seek out a different supplement that is backed by satisfaction guarantees, clinical studies, and user reviews.

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  1. Shane

    Hi! I’m 38 and suffering from low libido. I tried this supplement, as I wanted to increase my sexual drive. After using Rexbull for a month, I experienced a little bit of change in my sexual drive. I’m really not happy with the results, as I was expecting much more.