Claire Flynn, Relationship, Intimacy and Sex Coach

Claire Flynn has over 27 years' experience in the coaching industry. With many years of experience at the top of her field, Claire can effectively help you to release limiting thought and behaviour patterns, assist you to connect with more of your authentic self, and empower new strategies to create lasting change in the quality of your life, relationships and intimacy.Claire is a qualified Sex Coach [SCU, Life Coaching Diploma], Matrix Therapist, Tantra Practitioner, Reiki Master and Body Worker. You can visit Claire Flynn’s Website to know more.

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Top 4 Limitations Of Naked Yoga

Know the Top 4 Limitations of Naked Yoga

Before you get on all fours doing the downward dog with your butts in the air for the whole class of Yoga students to look at, let's talk about the limitations of being a partici...

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