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Claire Flynn has over 27 years’ experience in the coaching industry. Claire guides and coach individuals and couples on how to take their sex life, Intimacy and relationship to a whole new level.

Claire has a proven track record of helping her clients to overcome limiting beliefs so that they can experience empowering and loving relationships from a place of connection.

Living through her own experience and continuing studies on Sexology, Sex Coaching, Life Coaching, NLP, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Quodoshka, Reiki, bodywork, human behaviors and mindset, Claire is passionately committed to assisting others to become fully connected with their own sexual selves and to create harmonious and loving relationships.

With many years of experience at the top of her field, Claire can effectively help you to release limiting thought and behavior patterns, assist you to connect with more of your authentic self and empower new strategies to create lasting change in the quality of your life, relationships, and intimacy.

Whether your goal is to attract your ideal partner, fall in love all over again with your current partner, or overcome trauma as a result of abuse. Reach out to her through her website.

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