Maj Wismann Danish Sexologist & Relationship Therapist

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  • Danish Sexologist.
  • Relationship Therapist.


    • In 2006, she worked as a sexology counsellor at the Academy of Sexology in Copenhagen.
    • Joan rting 2008, couple's therapist.
    • Betty Dodson's approaches for female sexuality and orgasm 2009 course with Pia Struck.
    • Henrik Tingleff's Cognitive Coaching Course - Centre for Cognitive Psychologists 2010.
    •'s Certified MasterCoach 2010.
    • Danish Society of Clinical Sexology clinical sexologist.
    • Editor of the "Psykologi" magazine's "Agony Column".
    • Head of the training section at - The Therapeutic Basis Education: therapists' continuing education.
    •, Denmark's largest women's website, has a permanent columnist as well as an agony column editor.
    • For three years, I was the agony column editor for Woman's magazine's "Ask Maj about Sex."
    • Former member of the Danish Sexologist's board of directors.

Professional Accomplishments

  • She is creator of the popular “Year Book for Couples.
  • She is creator of e-book “When sexuality plays up”.
  • He founded and

Personal Quote

  • "Danish sexologist & relationship therapist,(and mom of three kids). Helping women and men around the world getting their love life & sex drive back".


Maj Wismann has worked as a sexologist and couple’s therapist with her own private clinic for more than 10 years. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter ,Facebook.