Nizagara – Does Nizagara Work?

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Nizagara Overview

Nizagara is a Drug medication similar to Viagra and other treatments for erectile dysfunction. It is available via the internet, either from the official Nizagara site or online pharmacies. The Nizagara site is very straightforward and user-friendly, containing a decent amount of information about the Drug. There is a page with safety information regarding the medication, and although it is generally tolerated well by men with other health concerns, a doctor should always be consulted beforehand as the dosage may need adjusting. While Nizagara has a good safety record, and has been on the market for more than five years, it can cause some side effects such as headaches, flushing and stomach upsets. However, Nizagara can also be used to treat some other medical conditions like altitude sickness and hypertension and, in low doses, support the prostate.

Nizagara can be purchased in three different doses, but the most widely used is 50mg, which costs $35.86 for a pack of 10. Because it is a prescribed pill, it has been tested for effectiveness and is said to work successfully for more than 80% of users.

Nizagara Product Details


Nizagara is made of the Drug substance Sildenafil and is available in doses of 100mg, 50mg and 25mg. Like most Erectile Dysfunction medications, it is to be taken just prior to sexual activity and the effects can last up to four hours. The basic function of Nizagara is to support the blood flow to the penis which results in a firmer and stronger erection that has more staying power. Nizagara is a soft tab oral pill and is available in different flavours not listed on the website.

Good About Nizagara

  • Erectile Dysfunction is explained
  • The medication is clinically tested
  • It can be used to treat several conditions
  • It has a good safety track record
  • Nizagara is available in different doses
  • The medication is fast-acting

Bad About Nizagara

  • Nizagara requires a Drug
  • It is expensive
  • No customer testimonials are available
  • It is not suitable for all men

Nizagara The Bottom Line

Described as a ‘wonder Drug’, Nizagara may indeed help men with the embarrassing and distressing problem of erectile Dysfunction, a condition which can affect their self-esteem and close relationships. Although it is expensive, the consumer can at least be assured of successful treatment.

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  1. Miguel

    I’ve tried everything. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on pumps, stretchers and all kind of gadgets. Have you ever seen those things? They’re like torture devices. I’ve tried many male enhancement pills and creams. I had just given up on everything and then I found Nizagara, I thought that this will do the same as the remaining but this has given me few positive results. Thanks!

  2. James

    My wife and I are really happy with Nizagara and its results. We’ve been married now for over seventeen years and our sex life is not as pleasant as it was earlier. So I’ve tried several others over the counter vitamins that claimed to improve stamina, but no success. Now in just three short weeks, our sex life has improved noticeably and we are experiencing quite a change.

  3. Thomas

    My sex life with my wife was about to end. As with growing age, my sexual performance was declining day by day and my wife was really not satisfied with me. I had tried numerous products but of no use. Then I found Nizagara and I’m glad that it gave me what I was looking for. Thanks.