Tribupower – Does Tribupower Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Tribupower – Does Tribupower Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Tribupower Overview

There are a number of products on the market for male sexual support, some for muscle mass and, as in the case of Tribupower, some that treat both. This brand is sold on the internet from several different online sources at varying costs. When purchased from the official website one bottle costs $29.95 although it has also been seen for as little as $12.95.

As mentioned, the primary purpose of Tribupower is to aid in the creation of stronger muscle while increasing the power of the male sexual performance and it does so by boosting the levels of testosterone in the system. The information for Tribupower is limited and there are no customer testimonials, no FAQ’s or any data for clinical testing that may have been performed on the formula.

Tribupower Product Details


Tribupower is definitely marketed for men who participate in athletics and body building. Often these men need an extra boost of testosterone in order to produce leaner, stronger muscle mass and help them work out at optimal levels. In addition to this, testosterone can also improve the libido and sexual performance, increasing stamina and sexual energy. The Tribupower formula is very simple and consists of Tribulus Terrestris, Sapoins and Protodioscin. All ingredients amounts are shown but none of the ingredients are explained in detail, apart from a brief description of the Tribulus.

It is said that Tribupower starts working in approximately 5-7 days and should be taken daily at a dose of 3 capsules.

Good About Tribupower

  • It contains Tribulus Terrestris
  • It is available in retail stores
  • Tribupower is affordable
  • All ingredients are listed

Bad About Tribupower

  • No scientific testing is cited
  • There is no money back guarantee
  • No customer testimonials are provided
  • It is more suitable for body builders

Tribupower The Bottom Line

Tribupower is a very simple and probably effective product but it would be appreciated if more was known about the manufacturer and the formula. While it doesn’t appear to contain any overly-powerful stimulants, it may be too strong for the average male, and it is suggested on the product information that men taking the product follow an exercise and diet regime.

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  1. Brody

    I’m new to this bodybuilding stuff. I’m a skinny sort of a guy, and so decided to put on some weight & get some muscles. One of my friends suggested me to go for some supplements to get the results in quick time. But I’m a bit afraid of side effects that these products may cause. Has anybody noticed some side effects of Tribupower?

  2. Alley

    I originally bought Tribupower to increase my energy for work-outs. After taking these for a month now, it seems to be working. I’m experiencing increase in endurance and longer work-out sessions, in the last week or so.

  3. Ethan

    I tried Tribupower as I’m into body building. This product has boosted my testosterone levels and even my stamina is way more, than before. In order to get instant results, I doubled the dosage and faced severe side effects.

  4. Tim Reynolds

    This product worked well for me. I have been using this supplement from last 3 weeks and the results I experienced are good. My stamina has increased tremendously. Regular workout has boosted my muscle mass.

  5. Crompton

    I tried Tribupower as I’m an athlete. I wanted to increase my stamina along with muscle mass. After using this product for 3 weeks, I experienced a little bit of change in my stamina and muscle mass. The results were satisfactory.

  6. Miller

    I have been using Tribupower from last 2 weeks. This product has increased my muscle mass and boosted my levels of testosterone, but my bedroom performance is still the same.