Novedex XT Review: How Does Novedex XT Work?

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A lot of modern men these days feel skepticism when it comes to selecting a good muscle building supplement. This comes with a good reason. After all, not all products that claim to be effective actually are. If you are one of them, taking into consideration the details of every potential product is a good step to take. One of the products currently making name in the industry these days is Novedex XT. It offers a game plan that is straightforward. Its goal is to inhibit aromatase compounds which convert testosterone to estrogen. With all of these things completely out of the way, you can experience the advantage of the capabilities of free testosterone which results to a boost in energy, libido and strength.

Claims and Features – What You Need To Know?

Novedex XT

The official product website that sells Novedex XT is Gaspari Nutrition. As of the moment, the product has already been recalled, but there have been interesting reviews about the product. It claims to be effective in increasing the availability of free testosterone levels. The manufacturer of this product claims that it has the capability of inhibiting the aromatase compounds which is responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. By making sure that this is taken care of, users can experience the benefits brought about by free testosterone, that is, boost strength, energy, as well as libido. In order to reach this capacity, the manufacturer has included three primary ingredients.

What are The Ingredients In Novedex XT?

The following ingredients come in smaller 60 mg blend:

  • Hesperidin – This flavonoid is usually found in most citrus fruits which support the functionality of the blood vessels. Since it has the capability to boost the circulation of blood, this ingredient may have the tendency to increase the rate with which the testosterone can reach various areas of the body, which also includes the muscles.
  • 3-Hydroxy-4-Androstene-6, 17-dione (3-OHAT) – This ingredient is an anti-estrogen. As such, it works by preventing the currently existing levels of testosterone from being turned into aromatized estrogen. At the same time, this compound is known to regulate the levels of Serum Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Therefore, it offers a release of the levels of free testosterone.
  • 1, 4, 6-androstatrine-3, 17-dione (ATD) – This compound synergistically works together with 3-OHAT in order to inhibit the presence of estrogen. Even though it does not actually increase the levels of testosterone, it offers a clearer pathway for the production of testosterone. At the same time, it also works by shortening the recovery time of the muscles, thus increasing fertility, while improving mood.

Novedex XT Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using Novedex XT:

  • Powerful blend of ingredients
  • Improves overall mood
  • Shortens muscle recovery time
  • Increases free testosterone levels

Novedex XT Drawbacks

Here are some of the drawbacks of using Novedex XT:

  • Already recalled
  • May take two weeks before initial changes becomes noticeable
  • Some reviews report that aggression also increases even outside the gym
  • Difficult to find these days due to limited supply

How Should You Take Novedex XT?

While there are no updated details regarding the dosage of this product, reviews from users of this product indicate that the recommended dosage is two capsules before bedtime.

What are The Possible Side Effects Of Novedex XT?

The ingredients used in the manufacturing of Novedex XT are all safe blends. However, there are some reports of users experiencing some side effects, including feeling dry and sore. According to some, this has something to do with the aim of controlling estrogen levels in the body, which is supposedly the hormone responsible for preventing such issues.

Where Can You Buy Novedex XT?

As of the moment, the production of Novedex XT has already been discontinued. However, there are still some limited supplies that are being sold in some retailer sites. The product used to be under the Gaspari Nutrition website. When it was still widely available, a bottle costs $49.99 for retail. However, these days, due to limited supply, the price has increased to a range between $65 and $75.

The Bottom Line

While the product is now quite difficult to find, there are still some retail sites that offer the product. Users find the product quite impressive and promising at the same time. With the introduction of effective blends for its ingredients, there is an assurance that men who decide to use this product will experience the benefits that it promises. The product works two-fold. It improves capability of the body to build stronger muscles, and at the same time, exploring the benefits of overall improved sexual performance. Most of the reviews available claim that the product s a highly effective one, but may take some time before noticeable changes becomes apparent.

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