Steel Libido – Does Steel Libido Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Steel Libido – Does Steel Libido Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Steel Libido Overview

Manufactured by Irwin Naturals, makers of a wide range of health supplements, Steel Libido is a male enhancement product that claims to be the first to address both erectile dysfunction and sex drive (although there are actually many products on the market that make the same claim). It is available on several online retail sites, most of which provide a reasonable amount of information about the brand. On sites with customer feedback, Steel Libido has received good reviews and it is available at an affordable cost of $17.02, which should last approximately 18 days depending on use.

Steel Libido has been tested for quality of ingredients but not as a formula. However, some of the individual ingredients have been scientifically tested for use in erectile dysfunction conditions.

Steel Libido Product Details

Steel Libido

The Steel Libido formula contains some standard male enhancement ingredients, most of which are designed to help support the production of Nitric Oxide, deleting blood vessels and supporting the flow of blood to the penis. L-Arginine is the main active ingredient, while Tribulus helps support testosterone levels, Horny Goat Weed stimulates the libido, Maca enhances vitality and Choline supports levels of Dopamine, a mood enhancer and relaxant. One important addition to the formula is Bioperine, which aids in the absorption of the ingredients, making them function at optimum levels.

The manufacturer recommends that Steel Libido is taken at intervals throughout the day with extra doses before sexual activity.

Good About Steel Libido

  • Steel Libido is affordable
  • No Drug is required
  • All ingredients are listed
  • The formula is tested for purity and quality
  • Steel Libido contains L-Arginine and Bioperine
  • The gel caps are easy to swallow
  • Some ingredients have been clinically tested

Bad About Steel Libido

  • No money back guarantee is provided
  • No FAQ section is featured
  • There is no official product website
  • No special offers or free samples are available
  • No clinical research is shown for the formula
  • Steel Libido is only available online

Steel Libido The Bottom Line

The fact that Steel Libido contains Bioperine is a definite plus as this ingredient has been shown to greatly enhance absorption of other substances. However, Steel Libido is certainly not the only product to contain this, nor is it the first to help with both erectile dysfunction and lack of sex drive. It is more affordable than other brands, although at a dose of 4 capsules a day a bottle of the product would last only 18 days.

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  1. Jareth

    I tried to find steel libido in the local store, but I didn’t get it. I tried to find out its official site, but didn’t get it. After that I ordered it online via a portal. I used it as directed but still I am not getting expected results. It’s been 3 weeks, now I am tried with this and want to turn over to some other med.

  2. Ricky

    My friend at work told ME concerning these things he took to boost his drive. It was a natural seasoning supplement and was I lucky to found it. There’s no side effects and therefore the drive is simply tremendous alongside orgasms are quite blasting.

  3. Dion

    I was experiencing erectile dysfunction from past few years and I took a lot of measure to overcome this problem as it is affecting my married life. I tried this product but it was all waste of money and time. I used to consume more capsules then as recommended but still it didn’t work for me so finally I stopped consuming this product. After reading this post, I figured out some better options to treat my ED and will definitely give it a try.

  4. Elliot

    I have been using Steel Libido for some time and my penis size has increased by 1 inch and now I can enjoy intense and satisfying orgasms.

  5. Josiah

    After using Steel Libido I have experienced a great improvement. It has increased my lasting time in bed. My performance has been greatly improved. Thanks!