Fastsize Extender – Does Fastsize Extender Work?

by Nick Swanson

Fastsize Extender Overview

The Fastsize Extender product is a piece of equipment designed to grow the male penis. It is an alternative to the many male enhancement oral supplements on the market and is sold via the internet. However, it should be noted that at the time of writing the device was not available and was waiting for approval to be sold as medical equipment. There is still a good amount of information available for the Fastsize Extender and most of it is written in the form of a personal blog rather than official website. Unfortunately there are no customer testimonials provided or any mention of the cost. There is a $50.00 discount offer though but no clear money back guarantees.

Fastsize Extender Product Details

Fastsize Extender

The Fastsize Extender is said to be safe to use, although the idea of using this type of device has always been the source of some controversy. The basic idea behind the Extender is that the penis is stretched overtime, allowing the cells to renew themselves adding length and girth. While there are no official clinical tests shown, it is said that the Fastsize Extender can add up to over 6” in length is used for 6 months. The device can be worn overnight and results are claimed to be permanent.

Good About Fastsize Extender

  • There are no oral capsules needed.
  • No side effects are experienced.
  • Results are permanent.
  • Product information is detailed.
  • Discount prices are offered.

Bad About Fastsize Extender

  • Fastsize Extender is waiting for medical device clearance.
  • There are no clinical studies shown.
  • No customer testimonials are provided.
  • The cost of Fastsize Extender is not known.

Fastsize Extender The Bottom Line

Fastsize Extender Even if a consumer did want to try this product, they would not be able to buy it from any reputable company. There is very little evidence to show that this type of product actually does have any significant effect on the size of the penis and while it is said to be safe to use, there may be some discomfort felt by users.