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Best Male Enhancement Supplements: Top Sex Pills to Improve Your Performance in Bed

Are you looking to improve your sexual performance and stamina in bed? Discover the best male enhancement pills selected by our expert.
By - Updated August 4, 2022
Reading Time: 32 minutes

Masculinity is a term that is associated with an “alpha male” physique, a man’s ability to maintain an intelligent conversion and, often considered the most crucial factor, the ability to thoroughly deliver a potent level of satisfaction to a sexual partner.

Unfortunately, the general male population tends to experience numerous problems regarding upholding a high level of masculinity. Men can experience issues in different areas of their overall lifestyle, such as reduced performance in the gym, adverse effects on their mental performance and also a reduction in their abilities in the bedroom.

Best Male Enhancement Supplements

Optimal male performance is often expected of men, especially when it comes to their performance in the bedroom, but it is important for both men and women to realise that it is not always possible to perform at your best at all times. Stress, depression, illness and even some medication may cause a man to experience many problems – issues that can affect different areas of their life.

Even though a significant number of problems can have an adverse effect on a man’s performance during sexual intercourse, as well as in their physical and mental wellbeing, it should be noted that many of these problems can often be avoided or treated successfully.

While there are often pharmaceutical approaches available for a person to overcome the particular issues they are facing, many men have become more aware of the numerous adverse effects that these particular options tend to have on a patient’s life.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

For this reason, many people are rather turning toward a more natural approach – often by including more physical exercise into their daily lives, switching to a more balanced diet and often also including a supplement that has been designed to address the particular issues they are suffering from.

In this post, we will take a look at why optimal male performance is needed for a man to be truly satisfied with his life, consider the numerous health problems and other issues that may be contributing to a reduction in a man’s sexual and overall performance, as well as take a closer look at ten of the best male enhancement supplements that we recommend men give a try in 2022.

While taking a closer look at these particular supplements, we will consider their ingredients, benefits, potential drawbacks, safety, how much they cost, and how a man can place an order to try out each of these supplements. Rhino 69 Extreme 9000; a sex pill which might treat the sexual health issues.

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills belong to the group of the most popular types of dietary supplements. The rise in popularity of these products correlates with a growing need to solve common sexual dysfunctions in a natural and discrete manner.

Thanks to the easy internet access, with only a few clicks a concerned man can get the product that will boost his sexual power. The market changes constantly as new products and brands emerge. In this article, you’ll see these amazing products that will rule the male enhancement market.

Male enhancement pills are formulated to enhance different aspects of men’s sexual performance, you already know that.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

These products come in the prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) form. Prescription pills, such as Viagra, can induce a number of side effects and some men can’t use them due to an underlying health condition or other medications.

On the other hand, OTC pills contain natural ingredients that minimize the risk of adverse reactions. They achieve the same effect as prescription drugs but in a natural fashion.

The purpose of male enhancers for relief from sexual dysfunctions is clear, but the area of sexual problems is largely misunderstood.

The term sexual dysfunction refers to problems and difficulties affecting any aspect of one’s sexual performance. A common misconception suggests that sexual malfunctions refer to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Natural male enhancement pills are easy to find, but choosing the ideal product can turn into a frustrating endeavor. Ideally, an enhancer of your choice should be able to support natural production of testosterone, strong erections, libido, and enable you to last longer without ejaculating too early.

The male enhancement market is constantly growing with the ever-increasing interest in these products. Men prefer using dietary supplements because they help them manage sexual problems in an entirely natural fashion.

We can expect even more products to emerge on the market. But ten supplements included in this list will dominate thanks to their rich formulas and proven efficacy. Now that you know more about safe and effective products to look for, all you have to do is to decide which one suits you the most.

Top Male Enhancement Supplements For 2022

The public has been overwhelmed by thousands of different male enhancement supplements being released on the market. Year-after-year, we see many new products hit the shelves at our local supplement stores.

Each of these supplements makes claims such as to improve the size of the male user’s penis, the help them experience more rigid erections, to improve their sexual desire and even to make them have sex for extended periods of time without losing their energy or ejaculating.

The problem that many people face, however, is that not all of these supplements tend to work. Not only do some of these supplements offer no significant results that can be considered impressive, but some of them even includes unlisted ingredients that may put the wellbeing of the user at risk.

Thus, people should be wary of the supplements they buy when they are looking to take a natural approach to alleviating the problems they are experiencing in the bedroom and helping them deliver a more potent level of pleasure to their partner during sex.

We have taken a look at many of the male enhancement supplements that men can currently buy, and have found that only some of these supplements have the potential to truly deliver on the claims and promises they make.

Below, we would like to provide our readers with a list of ten top best male enhancements that work that we recommend men give a try in 2022. Each of these supplements has been reviewed in detail to ensure they are safe, effective and contain ingredients that are able to target different problems that a man may experience in the bedroom; thus delivering a potent solution that will improve various areas of male sexual performance.

#1 VigRX Plus

Vigrx Plus

VigRX Plus is a very powerful herbal male enhancement supplement that combines ingredients that have gone through rigorous scientific research to ensure they are not only effective in improving several aspects of male sexual health but also safe to be used on a regular basis.

The product is used by many people and has even been recommended by some relatively famous doctors. The product is also backed by a number of positive reviews.

The product contains quite a long list of ingredients, which includes:
Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium Leaf Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Muira Puama, Catuaba Bark, Hawthorn Berry, Bioperine

One of the top advantages that VigRX Plus has over many of its competitors is the inclusion of Bioperine. Bioperine is a black pepper extract that is known to offer a significant improvement in the absorption rate of the herbal ingredients found in a particular formula.

This means that the VigRX Plus complex can be easily absorbed into the user’s body; thus offering fast and effective results. The product has not been associated with any adverse effects.

VigRX Plus belongs to the group of popular male enhancement pills thanks to its natural formula and ability to promote sexual stamina and vigor while increasing appetite for sex. The supplement comes with 67-day money back guarantee that gives users enough time to determine whether pills work for them or not.

With regular intake of two capsules a day, VigRX Plus works by supporting the production of the hormone testosterone. As levels of this much-needed hormone increase, men notice improvements in their libido and sexual performance. According to the Clinical Interventions in Aging journal, testosterone helps increase libido and sexual performance.

In addition to libido and performance improvements, the supplement increases the size of the erect penis in both girth and width in order to create rock-hard erections.

Thanks to strong erections and an amazing boost in sex drive, users have the opportunity to experience intense orgasms that lead to mind-blowing sex. Improvement in blood flow also extends to the development of lean muscle, which is beneficial for men who work out regularly.

Horny goat weed is the primary ingredient of VigRX Plus, but the product also contains Cuscuta seed extract that improves sperm quality and health.The BioMed Research International journal reveals that supplements containing horny goat weed helps improve erectile functions and increase sexual arousal.

Saw palmetto, also present in the formula, supports overall sexual health and performance. The product delivers its benefits without causing side effects. Read the detailed review here.
Price: Unavailable

  • The dietary supplement stimulates the production of testosterone
  • The product helps increase stamina and sexual desire
  • VigRX Plus gives harder erections and improves sexual performance
  • The supplement helps increase sperm count and sperm quality
  • VigRX Plus helps increase blood circulation in the body to support erections
  • The product increases the length and girth of the penis


  • Individual results will vary
  • It may cause allergic reactions

#2 Cilexin


This is a powerful male sexual enhancement supplement which can greatly boost testosterone levels, increasing arousal and libido and building bigger, stronger muscles. It can also alleviate erectile dysfunction by enhancing the blood flow.

Cilexin supports general health and immunity, and can also help decrease stress and anxiety levels. A case report in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry explored the link between anxiety and sexual dysfunction.

Active Ingredients: Zinc, Panax Ginseng, Oat Straw, Nettle Root, Astralagus, Licorice Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine Catuaba Bark, Sarsaparilla, Maca, Pumpkin Extract| Benefits: Increased Libido, Stronger Erections, More Powerful Muscle Mass and Strength, Improved Immunity | Price: $39.99 | Manufacturer: Vita Balance Inc.| Best For: Sexual Performance


  • Cilexin can enhance positive mood.
  • This supplement can strengthen the immune system.
  • It promotes improved general sexual health.
  • The formula uses 100% organic ingredients.


  • The results will vary for different men.
  • There are no free samples available.

#3 Performer 8

Performer 8

Performer 8 is a male enhancement supplement which includes powerful science-backed organic ingredients to enhance testosterone, raise libido and stamina, build up the muscles, and boost sexual performance.

In addition, it can improve sperm count and quality, intensify orgasms, and make erections harder and stronger. An article in Diseases discussed the effect of natural antioxidants and phytocompounds on enhancing male fertility.

Active Ingredients: Muira Puama, Ashwagandha, Panax Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, Pine Bark Extract, Maca Root, Glucuronolactone, Grape Seed Extract, Ferrous Bisgycinate | Benefits: Boosts Libido and Stamina, Strengthens Erections, Improves Fertility | Price: $64.99 | Manufacturer: Performer 8 | Best For: Boosting Sperm Count and Quality


  • Performer 8 can boost male fertility.
  • It can decrease stress and anxiety levels.
  • This supplement can elevate overall sexual performance.
  • It can lead to more powerful erections.


  • You can only purchase this supplement online.
  • he results will vary for different men.

#4 Extenze


Extenze not only contains more than 25 potent sexual enhancement ingredients, it also has a rich bio-enhancement blend which makes the supplement far more powerful. It can boost testosterone for more potent arousal and sexual performance, and build up the muscles.

In addition, it’s a great enhancer of athletic endurance and can help alleviate erectile dysfunction. An article in Nature Reviews Disease Primer discussed the research on erectile dysfunction (source).
Active Ingredients: Boron, Astralagus, Yohimbe, Maca, Hops, GABA, Tribulus Extract, Muira Puama, Epimedium, Stinging Nettle, Pumpkin Seed | Benefits: Harder Erections, Stronger Libido, Performance and Muscle Enhancement, Energy, Stamina | Price: $32.99| Manufacturer: Natural Product Exploration, Inc. | Best For: Libido


  • This supplement can support prostate health.
  • t’s rich in immune-boosting antioxidants.
  • Extenze can enhance sexual pleasure.
  • hey have sold over 1 billion pills to date.


  • he results may vary for different men.
  • There are no free samples available.

#5 Male Extra

Male Extra

Male Extra is a male sexual supplement with a unique blend of ingredients which promotes added sexual sensitivity and more powerful orgasms. It promises to work rapidly to boost sexual stamina and elevate overall performance.

In addition, it stimulates nitric oxide levels for improves circulation and stronger, harder erections. An article in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension discussed the role of nitric oxide in erectile dysfunction (source).

Active Ingredients: L-Arginine, Pomegranate, Niacin, MSM, L-Methionine, Cordyceps, Zinc | Benefits: Strengths Erections, Stamina, Sexual Pleasure and Orgasms, Boosts Immunity | Price: $74.99 | Manufacturer: Health Nutrition Limited | Best For: Erectile Dysfunction


  • It includes 100% organic ingredients backed by research.
  • Male Extra can decrease fatigue.
  • This supplement can greatly enhance sexual performance.
  • The product has no known side effects.


  • You can only buy this supplement online.
  • Different users will experience the results at different times.

#6 Pro Solution Plus

Pro Solution Plus

Pro Solution Plus is an organic supplement for men which focuses in particular on alleviating premature ejaculation by improving sexual stamina. This supplement promises long-term sexual enhancement results.

It raises male testosterone levels, and can boost libido and strengthen muscle bulk and mass. An article in Clinical Interventions in Aging examined the numerous aspects of testosterone (sources).

Active Ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris Fruit, Mucuna Pruriens Seed, Withania Somnifera, Asparagus Adscendens, Asteracantha Longifolia, Curculigo Orchioides, Asphaltum | Benefits: Strengthens Orgasms, Alleviates Premature Ejaculation, Boosts Stamina and Libido, Strengthens Erections, Improves Immunity | Price: $41.97 | Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health| Best For: Premature Ejaculation


  • It includes 100% organic ingredients backed by science.
  • They have a risk-free 67-day guarantee.
  • Pro Solution Plus can intensify orgasms.
  • You’ll experience some results in as little as 3-4 weeks.


  • High demand may lead to low stock at times.
  • The results will vary for different individuals.

#7 Volume Pills

Volume Pills

Volume Pills contains a very unique formula of botanicals which greatly enhances sexual libido, performance, and stamina, as well as making orgasms much more intense and powerful and improving male fertility. The blend is 100% naturally-sourced and has no associated side effects.

A review in the International Journal of Reproductive Biomedicine looked at the connection between antioxidant supplements and semen parameters (source).

Active Ingredients: Ling Zhi, Xian Mao, Zinc Gluconate, Ku Gua, Sa Gua Mu, Drilizen, Tian Man Dong | Benefits: | Price: $51.97 | Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health | Best For: More Intense Orgasms


  • Numerous clinical and scientific research studies support the ingredients.
  • It can improve overall sexual pleasure.
  • These supplements can improve semen volume.
  • The product can elevate sexual endurance.


  • You do not require a prescription for this product.
  • The timing of the results will vary for different men.

#8 Erectin


With a powerful blend of scientifically backed, organically-sourced ingredients, this formula effectively makes erections harder, stronger, and thicker that last for much longer. It can also increase testosterone, strengthening libido, stamina, and performance, and improve overall sexual pleasure.

A study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found a strong relationship between libido and testosterone levels in aging men (source).

Active Ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto Berry, Tribulus Terrestris Seed, Muira Puama, Epimedium, Chinese Hawthorn Berry, Damiana | Benefits: Harder Erections, Stronger Libido and Stamina, Better Immunity | Price: $41.97 | Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health Ltd.| Best For: Erectile Dysfunction


  • Erectin can make orgasms more powerful.
  • There are no harmful chemical or artificial additives or fillers.
  • This supplement can strengthen the immune system.
  • Erectin can enhance muscle bulk and strength.


  • You can only buy this supplement online.
  • High demand may sometimes lead to low stock.

#9 Semenoll


Semenoll is an organic supplement for men which primarily focuses on enhancing sperm quality and volume to boost fertility. In addition, its rich collection of scientifically-backed ingredients can strengthen erections, boost libido and stamina, and build muscle mass and strength.

A review in Advances in Nutrition looked at the effects of dietary supplements and nutrients on sperm quality parameters (sources).

Active Ingredients: Maca Root, Zinc Oxide, Pumpkin Seed Extract, L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Lysine, Muira Puama | Benefits: Improves Sperm Quality and Volume, Supports Fertility, Enhances Sexual Performance, Strengthens Erections, Raises Libido and Stamina | Price: $59.95 | Manufacturer: Semenoll | Best For: Supporting Male Fertility


  • This supplement can enhance overall sexual performance.
  • It can make the immune system stronger.
  • Semenoll is safe, and free of side effects.
  • The supplement can intensify orgasms.


  • The timing of the results will vary for different men.
  • You can’t buy this supplement in stores.

#10 Provacyl


Provacyl is the premium supplement for decreasing the symptoms of male andropause and restoring optimal sexual functioning. It can increase libido and stamina, make erections harder and stronger, improve mood, and enhance mental focus and cognitive functioning.

An article in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism explored current concepts in andropause (sources).

Active Ingredients: Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, L-Tyrosine, GABA, Muira Puama, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Swedish Flower Pollen | Benefits: Boosts Sex Drive, Energy, Metal Focus, Stamina, Weight Loss, Erections| Price: $25.59 | Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health Ltd.| Best For: Male Andropause


  • The price is very reasonable for the market.
  • This supplement can decrease stress and anxiety.
  • They have a 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • Provacyl can give you additional energy.


  • This is a popular product which may run low stock sometimes.
  • There are no free samples available.

#11 Semenax


Semenax is a maximum potency male sexual enhancement supplement that primarily aims to increase sperm quality and volume and massively strengthen orgasms and sexual pleasure.

An article in JAMA Network explored the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction (sources).

Active Ingredients: L-Lysine, L-Carnitine, Butea Superba, Swedish Flower Pollen, Epimedium, L-Arginine | Benefits: Alleviate erectile dysfunction, Making erections harder and stronger | Price: $76.69 | Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health Ltd.| Best For: Improved Fertility


  • The formula is 100% organic, free of harmful additives or fillers.
  • The ingredients in Semenax have the backing of clinical and scientific research.
  • This supplement can greatly improve sexual sensation.
  • There are no known associated side effects.


  • The results will vary for different men.
  • This is a popular brand that may run know stock at times.

#12 – Nugenix


Nugenix is another male enhancement supplement that seems to have quite a large number of potential benefits it may offer a male user. Nugenix is sold under its own name but seems to be regulated by a company known as Direct Digital LLC.

The product features an all-natural formula that combines effective ingredients that aims to help a man experience a significant improvement in various areas where he needs to perform at his best – this includes his performance during sexual intercourse, as well as at the gym and while at work.

Nugenix includes a potent dose of vitamin B12, as well as vitamin B6 and Zinc. Additionally, the product contains a unique Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex, which consists of the following ingredients:

Ingredients :
L-Citrulline Malate, Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract, ribulus Fruit Extract

The product is primarily promoted as a free testosterone booster. Free testosterone refers to the amount of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, that is circulating through the user’s bloodstream and readily available to be utilized by different parts of their body. An article in the StatPearls journal claims that testosterone is responsible for fertility, spermatogenesis, and production of male sex characteristics.

An increase in free testosterone has numerous benefits to offer the user, such as a boost in muscle mass, a lower amount of body fat, as well as significant improvements in several areas of their sexual performance. The National Library of Medicine journal reveals that testosterone inhibits protein degradation and stimulates protein synthesis to help build muscle mass and muscle strength.

The product is available at $69.99 per bottle and can be ordered from the official Nugenix website or from any of the retailers who carry this particular supplement.

Price: $69.99


  • Nugenix boosts testosterone levels
  • The product helps build muscle mass and increase muscle strength
  • The dietary supplement contains natural ingredients
  • Nugenix helps improve sexual performance
  • The supplement helps reduce body fat


  • The product is pricy
  • Nugenix is only for men who are above 18 years

#13 Cianix


Cianix is an overall male enhancement solution that primarily aims to help the male user experience an increased level of testosterone in their body.

With testosterone being the most important hormone in the male body, the supplement is able to deliver powerful results that can assist with boosting the man’s strength and stamina, as well as potentially improve his sexual wellbeing. A research study in the Reviews in Urology reveals that testosterone plays a vital role in supporting bone health, increasing bone density, and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

This pill is created for men whose testosterone levels declined thus making them feel sluggish. Cianix comes in different package sizes to accommodate different needs and preferences men might have.

Some men feel more comfortable ordering smaller packages while others prefer buying in bulk. For gentlemen who don’t like buying supplements without testing them, Cianix also comes with the 14-day free trial option.

With regular use, Cianix increases testosterone levels that cause a chain of beneficial reactions including better testicular function, increased libido, stronger erections, you name it. The supplement doesn’t contain too many ingredients, but the ones that are included in the formula exhibit strong effects. Formula contains:

  • Horny goat weed – Treats involuntary ejaculation, alleviates erectile dysfunction, boosts libido
  • Orchic – Improves testicular function
  • Boron amino acid chelate – Increases production of testosterone
  • Tongkat ali – Promotes libido, supports athletic performance, treats erectile dysfunction
  • Saw palmetto – Encourages urination and supports prostate health, but it also helps achieve and maintain strong erections

Thanks to the natural formula and simple mechanism of action, Cianix is safe to use without causing adverse reactions. Read the detailed review here.

The formula has also been developed to boost blood flow in the male body, which helps to stimulate better erections. Additionally, the improvement in testosterone, combined with certain ingredients of the product, can help to offer the male user a considerable boost in their sexual desire.According to Reviews in Obstetrics and Gynecology, increase in testosterone helps increase sex drive, sexual arousals, and libido.

Price: Unavailable


  • The dietary supplement helps increase testosterone production in the body
  • Cianix increases libido and sexual desire
  • The product helps you get harder erections and improves testicular functions
  • Cianix comes with a 14-day free trial
  • The product helps prevent and treat erectile dysfunction
  • The supplement helps boost blood circulation in the body


  • Individuals who are hypertensive to natural ingredients should not use this product
  • Only men above 18 years can use the product

#14 VXL


VXL is a more specific male enhancement supplement when compared to some of the other products on our list. While many products claim to offer an overall improvement in male performance, VXL has rather created a formula that specifically targets male sexual health. The Deutches Arzteblatt International journal recommends that male sexual dysfunctions, including arousal, orgasm, and desire are most important in sexual health.

The formula has been developed to help men overcome some of the most common sexual issues that men complain from – including erectile dysfunction and a lack of sexual desire.

The product’s formula consists of the following ingredients:
Ingredients: Nettle Extract, Saw Palmetto, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed

Even though the ingredient list may seem insignificant when compared to some of the other male enhancement supplements we have included in our list, it should be noted that this supplement does not aim to increase testosterone, but rather only focuses on improving sexual performance.

The product’s primary function is to offer a significant increase in overall blood flow. This will help the man experience better quality erections, which helps to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. A research study in the HHS Public Access claims that nitric oxide helps increase blood circulation in the body and help prevent erectile dysfunctions. The product may also improve libido.

Price: Unavailable


  • VXL male enhancement contains natural ingredients
  • The product increases sexual function and sexual desire
  • The supplement increases libido
  • The product helps reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • Helps increase blood flow in the body


  • No real user reviews support the claims
  • You can only make your purchases of the product online

#15 Vaso Blast

Vaso Blast

Vaso Blast is one of the strongest all-natural penis enlargement supplements on the market, providing the male user’s body a variety of highly effective ingredients that help to increase the amount of blood the body pushes into the penis when an erection occurs. The StatPearls journal suggests that for an erection to occur, the penis has to be gorged with blood in response to arousal.

With blood being the primary factors of an erection, more blood may equal a larger erection. The product claims to increase both length and girth size, and that they have had results where the user’s penis was enlarged by as much as 31%.

As with any natural product, it is important to know about the particular ingredients you may be exposing your body to when opting for this supplement. The ingredients included in Vaso Blast’s formula consists of:

Ingredients: Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Citrulline, Long Jack, 1,3 Dimenthylamylamine HCL, Maca Root, Long Pepper, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa, Tribulus Aquaticus, Trichopus Zeylanicus, Vitis Vinifera, Arginine Nitrate

Even though the main function of Vaso Blast is to help deliver a more potent supply of blood to a penis when a man has an erection, other benefits can also be obtained from the use of this particular male enhancement supplement.

The supplement may assist with improving strength and endurance, as well as to boost libido. A single bottle of Vaso Blast costs $39.99, but bulk orders can be utilized to purchase the supplement at a much lower price. Vaso Blast.

One factor that potential users should note, however, is that Vaso Blast is some what more expensive than the other entries in our list, with a one-month supply of the product being priced at just below $80.

According to the official website, the enlarged penile capillary matrix forces the penis to expand up to 31% in size. This enhancer is specifically created for men who aren’t satisfied with “average” penis, the pill is made for men who want bigger, stronger, more powerful manhood. An article published in the HHS Public Access reveals that penile erections involves arterial dilation, nervous compression, and sinusoidal relaxation.

The pill works in stages, you experience different (and noticeable) benefits each week of use. During the first three weeks penis experiences greater and longer lasting erections along with a noticeable increase in thickness.

In a period between fourth and eighth week, Vaso Blast promises to grow a penis in length and thickness in both flaccid and erect states. Finally, in ninth week and onwards the penis becomes longer, stronger, thicker, and healthier according to the makers of this product.

With a 100% money back guarantee and natural ingredients, Vaso Blast has quickly become a highly sought-after product. The formula of this supplement contains multiple ingredients including l-citrulline, a naturally occurring amino acid found in some foods such as watermelons, but our body also makes it.

Our body converts l-citrulline into l-arginine which is necessary for healthy blood flow. Additionally, Vaso Blast features longjack or Tongkat ali well-known for energy and sensual vitality effects. Grape seed extract increases blood circulation to the penis and it comes as no wonder why it’s also included in this formula. Read the detailed review here.

Price: $39.99


  • Vaso blast increases blood circulation in the body to help support harder erections
  • The product helps increase the length and girth of your penis
  • The supplement helps boost libido and muscle strength
  • The product helps boost energy levels


  • Individual results can vary

#16 Noxitril


Noxitril is another supplement that specifically focuses on male sexual performance, instead of providing an overall solution that attends to multiple areas of “male performance”.

The product has also been formulated with ingredients that are sourced solely from natural sources. The product offers numerous benefits in regards to a man’s sexual wellbeing and performance in the bedroom and is relatively easy to purchase.

The list of ingredients that makes Noxitril a powerful male sexual enhancement supplement includes:
Ingredient: Ginseng, L-Arginine, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Nettle Extract, Oatstraw, Pepper, Tongkat Ali

All of these ingredients have been carefully selected in order to deliver a specific set of advantages to each of the male users who decide to give Noxitril a try. The product specifically aims to improve a male user’s erectile function and make their erections last longer, while also boosting both their stamina levels and their sexual desire.

Two pills a day are necessary for increased blood circulation, muscle health, and faster recovery. All these benefits are equally important for both sexual and athletic performance.

Ginseng is the most prominent ingredient of Noxitril and it works to strengthen the immune system, improve cardiovascular health, treat symptoms of diabetes, boost energy while decreasing stress levels and increasing fertility. According to Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical aspects, ginseng helps improve immunity, reduce cardiovascular diseases, increase fertility, boost energy, and treat diabetes.

L-arginine is also a part of this pill’s formula just like maca root which acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Noxitril contains Tribulus Terrestris, the most popular testosterone booster on the market, and cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper acts as an antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals to prevent oxidative stress and damage it could cause, but it also promotes weight loss, improves blood flow, and so much more. The result of these actions is intense sexual arousal.

The product also includes ingredients that may assist with improving male orgasms and to make sensations experienced during sex become more intense. The Pharmacognosy Review reveals that aphrodisiacs increase sexual arousal and ensure male potency. Noxitril can be purchased from the product’s official website, at $59.95 per bottle (Shipping costs of $9.95 will also be added).

Price: $59.95 plus $9.95 shipping cost


  • The product helps increase erectile functions and helps your erections to last longer
  • Noxitril increases stamina and sexual desire
  • The supplement helps improve blood circulation in the body
  • Noxitril improves muscle health and enhances faster recovery
  • The product helps boost testosterone levels in the body
  • The supplement improves cardiovascular health and increases male fertility


  • You can only make your purchases from the official website
  • Individuals are unique so results will vary

#17 Black Ant Pills

Black Ant Pill

Black Ant Pills is probably one of the strongest male enhancement formulas that are currently available on the market, but the results that people have experienced while utilizing these particular supplements seem to be quite impressive. A research article in the Translational Andrology and Urology claims that counterfeit sexual enhancement supplements can pause unnecessary health risks.

The product does, in fact, contain black ants, just as its name suggests. While this may creep a lot of potential users out, it should be noted that scientific research has suggested that this particular ingredient is actually beneficial for the human body.

In addition to containing black ants, also known as Polyrhachisvicina Roger, this particular male sexual enhancement supplement also contains:

Formica Sanguinea, Ginseng Root Extract, Hippocampi, Medlar, Trace Mineral Proprietary Blend, Amino Acid Proprietary Blend

The aim of Black Ant Pills is quite different from what we have observed in the other supplements we have introduced in our list. Instead of only directly targeting the penis or other areas that are directly connected to sexual wellbeing, this supplement targets the immune system instead.

According to the Sexual Medicine Open Access journal, the immune system is considerably boosted with the use of supplements mean the user will reduce their fatigue and tiredness, and, at the same time, improve their energy levels, maintain a healthy body and stimulate improvements in their sexual arousal, making it one of the best male enhancements pill’s ingredient.

Price: Unavailable


  • The supplement contains all-natural ingredients
  • Black ant improves sexual health and boosts the immune health
  • Increases energy levels and stamina for better sexual performance
  • The product can help relieve back pains
  • The pills are easy to digest


  • The product seems to contains more ingredients that the promise
  • The product does not offer a money-back guarantee to its customers

#18 Virmax


VirMax, also promoted as VirMax DS in some cases is still somewhat new on the market, but has made quite a name for itself in the last few years. The popularity of the product is often said to be due to the fact that it is relatively easy to obtain the product since it can be found on the internet, as well as at numerous local stores, including Walgreens.

The product combines a powerful dose of beneficial natural plant extracts, as well as amino acids and other nutrients that have numerous advantages for the user’s body.

Virmax consists of three different blends that have been formulated into one powerful product. These blends and their particular ingredients include:

  • The “Stamina Blend” contains Cnidium Monnieri Root Extracts, as well as Angelica Pubescens.
  • The “Amino Acid Potency Power Blend” contains several amino acids that are important for protein synthesis, as well as for sexual health. These amino acids include L-Alanine, L-Lysine-hydrochloride, L-Lysine and, of course, L-Arginine-Hydrochloride.
  • The “Herbal Proprietary Blend” contains Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Saw Palmetto Berry Extracts and Korean Ginseng.

While VirMax has numerous functions that help to improve overall sexual performance, the primary aim of the product is to improve the vasodilation process of blood vessels in the user’s body through the boost in Nitric Oxide molecules in his blood circulatory system.

This, in turn, causes improvements in his erectile quality. The Future Science OA journal claims that nitric oxide helps relax the corporal carvernosal muscle tissues. this in turn helps increase blood flow to the penile tissues. Furthermore, an improved sex drive and better stamina levels are also to be expected when using VirMax.

What makes VirMax different from other products on the market is a rich list of ingredients.

Amino potency power blend works as a muscle builder and contributes to your sexual function. This blend improves athletic performance and maximizes results of your workouts while improving blood flow for stronger erections. An article published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition claims that amino acids stimulate protein synthesis and help build muscle mass.

The herbal blend has a goal to enhance both sexual and overall health while enabling the body resist stress more effectively. In addition, the blend also contains ingredients that support prostate health and protect it from common problems that men face as they age.

Stamina blend, as you can already conclude, contains ingredients that help men last longer in bed. It intensifies pleasure and orgasms while preventing you from ejaculating too early. Read the detailed review here.

Price: Unavailable


  • Virmax helps get rid of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • The product increases sperm count and motility.
  • Virmax gets more oxygen to the penile tissues to support an erection and increase the girth of the penis.
  • The dietary supplement increases stamina for better and longer sexual performance.


  • The dietary supplement may not deliver results immediately
  • Since you are taking the product before sexual activity, you should plan when to take it.

#19 Duro Max

Duro Max

The last male enhancement supplement on our list for 2022 is Duro Max, a potent dose of all-natural ingredients that targets all of the most common problems that men tend to experience when it comes to their time in the bedroom.

Duro Max primarily utilizes the power of Arginine, a precursor to Nitric Oxide, to help a male user experience an increase their blood supply to their penis. When blood supply to this particular area is improved, then their erections also tend to improve in quality, firmness, and size.The National library of Medicine journal reveals that arginine supplementation helps reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance.

The inclusion of Rhodiola Extract may also assist with balancing hormone levels, including testosterone levels, and also comes in handy when used as an energy and stamina booster.

In addition to being an excellent supplement that can be utilized for improving a man’s sexual health and their performance in the bedroom, it should be noted that the particular formula utilized by this supplement may also be useful for men who are trying to achieve more through their training regimen at the gym.

Sure, it’s natural for testosterone levels to decline as you age, but it doesn’t mean you’re out of options. It’s easy to think everything will do downhill from here, but that’s not true. An article in the Testosterone and Aging journal reveals that hormonal levels change naturally with age and it may be associated with some chronic conditions.

When levels of this hormone drop, natural supplements can boost the production. That is the primary idea behind Duro Max supplement. The product is formulated to revamp a user’s energy and performance by reversing the effects of low-T.

Low testosterone exhibits multiple effects on your body and they have a major impact on sexual performance. Makers of Duo Max created the pill with an intention to restore your libido and enhance muscle gains and vigor for optimal performance in and outside the bed.

Duro Max is dubbed as an effective solution for common sexual concerns and it tackles them through the support of testosterone production. Regular consumption of the supplement effectively prevents uncontrolled ejaculation, increases the strength of the erections, enhances sexual stamina, and boosts sex drive.

Advantages & Ingredients of Duro Max:

The greatest advantage of Duro Max is its harmless nature, the product is safe to use and doesn’t exhibit any side effect whatsoever.

What makes it safe to use is an all-natural formula that contains epimedium icariin or horny goat weed which treats erectile dysfunction and increases sexual satisfaction. Plus, the plant improves memory and learning abilities through improved blood circulation.

Another important ingredient of Duro Max is Rhodiola extract whose role is to improve sex life through increased production of sex hormones and improvement of overall health. When you’re healthy, you’re more likely to engage and enjoy sex.

Nettle extract is also a part of Duro Max formula and it supports prostate health while contributing to the production of testosterone.

Similarly to other products of this kind, Duro Max contains l-arginine which is vital for the production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator necessary for healthy blood flow. Read the detailed review here.

Price: Currently Unavailable


  • The product helps increase blood flow in the body
  • Duro Max increases the production of testosterone in the body
  • The supplement prevents uncontrolled ejaculation and allows you o enjoy sex
  • Duro Max contains natural ingredients and is therefore safe for consumption
  • The product supports prostate health


  • There are no clinical trials for this product
  • You can only buy it online

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Why Are Optimal Male Performance Important In The Bedroom?

Best Male Enhancement Supplements

The term “male performance” is quite vague, and generally tends to refer to a variety of factors regarding a man’s day-to-day abilities.

This includes the man’s physical performance while he is participating in training regimens in the gym, as well as his mental performance while conducting particular tasks at a workplace. The male performance also includes the man’s overall performance during other daily tasks.

In addition to these particular areas, it should also be noted that male performance is often a term utilized to describe how well a man is able to perform in the bedroom – more specifically, while he is participating in sexual activity with his partner.

Since sexual intercourse is an important part of most couples’ lives, optimal male performance is necessary for a man to ensure he keeps his sexual partner happy and satisfied.

When it comes to discussing the importance of optimal male performance in the bedroom, it should be noted that declines in the man’s performance in many areas of his life may affect his abilities to satisfy a partner during sexual intercourse.

For example, when a man finds that he does not have the physical strength to perform well during his time at the gym, these effects will not only affect his physical performance during his training sessions but will also cause problems with his physical strength and endurance during sex.

Just as how physical performance amongst men tend to play a significant part in allowing them to perform well during sexual intercourse and deliver an immense amount of sexual satisfaction to their partner, mental performance and health also tend to play a role in a man’s sexual wellbeing.

When a man suffers from mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, then these issues may cause the man to experience a significant reduction in libido, also known as sex drive. In turn, the low libido may cause the man to find it more difficult to achieve a rigid erection.

The details discussed above should provide you with a better understanding of just how important it is for a man to attend to his overall performance if he wishes to perform well during sexual intercourse.

Common Problems Men Experience During Sexual Intercourse

There is a significant number of problems that a man can experience in the bedroom. Some of these conditions are directly related to the man’s sexual wellbeing, while others rather affect other parts of the man’s overall performance, which causes them to experience issues when they are trying to satisfy a partner during sex.

For this reason, we should discuss both sexual dysfunctions and issues not directly related to the sexual well-being of a man that can have an adverse effect on a man’s performance in the bedroom.

Sexual Dysfunctions That Affect Male Performance In The Bedroom

Let’s start our overview of the most common issues that can hurt a man’s performance in the bedroom by discussing some of the most significant sexual dysfunctions that affect millions of men throughout the entire world.

These sexual dysfunctions, as the term that describes them explains, have a direct effect on a man’s sexual wellbeing.

According to Cleveland Clinic[1], the most common sexual dysfunctions that millions of men are faced with on a daily basis include:

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the sexual dysfunction that is most discussed in the modern world. The condition was not as widely discussed as it is today in older times. Men were often very self-conscious about the fact that they are finding it difficult to achieve a rigid erection that is hard enough for sexual intercourse.

Thanks to more information being made available on the internet and in numerous offline publications, as well as the increase in the amount of research being conducted on methods to counteract the adverse effects of an erectile dysfunction, men in the modern world are more likely to discuss how erectile dysfunction is affecting their lives.

With a healthy, rigid erection being the most important part of sexual intercourse, it should be noted that erectile dysfunction is often considered the most problematic sexual dysfunction that a man may suffer from.

The condition causes issues with a man’s erection. While some men are still able to achieve an erection but is unable to maintain the erection for the duration of sexual intercourse, there is a significant number of men who are unable to achieve an erection that is hard enough to have sex.

Ejaculatory Disorders

Erectile dysfunction is not the only sexual disorder that can adversely affect a man’s performance in the bedroom. Numerous ejaculatory disorders are also known to have a significant effect on how well a man can perform during sexual intercourse.

There are three particular ejaculatory disorders that seem to be relatively common amongst the general male population – even though not as common as erectile dysfunction or as often mentioned as the sexual dysfunction, it is still important to acknowledge the fact that men can suffer from these issues and that they can have a dreadful effect on their sex life.

The three particular ejaculatory disorders that are found amongst some men include:

ejaculatory disorders

Premature Ejaculation – This is the most common of all three ejaculatory disorders that we will discuss here. Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction that refers to a condition where a man ejaculates quickly after he has penetrated his sexual partner.

In recent times, more accurate details have been provided to allow healthcare professionals to make a more appropriate diagnosis for premature ejaculation amongst their patients.

A man may now be diagnosed with this particular disorder when he ejaculates within the first two minutes after penetrating his sexual partner.

Delayed Ejaculation – While premature ejaculation causes a person to ejaculate too soon after he penetrates his partner, delayed ejaculation rather refers to a sexual dysfunction that causes a delay in a man’s ability to ejaculate. In many cases, this could make sex become “weird” amongst the two partners as the man would still struggle to ejaculate after his partner has been satisfied.

Inhibited Ejaculation – The third ejaculatory disorder we wish to discuss is inhibited ejaculation. As the name of the condition explains, inhibited ejaculation refers to a condition where a man is unable to ejaculate when he is having sex. Even when the man is continuously stimulated for a long period of time, he would not be able to reach orgasm.

Loss of Sexual Interest

A low libido is much less discussed in regards to the male population than it is amongst the female population, generally because the condition is much more common amongst women than amongst men.

Still, a lack of sexual interest, also called hypoactive sexual desire disorder, are found in approximately 15% of men[2] . The condition can be hazardous to a man’s sexual performance and his overall sexual wellbeing.

A low libido refers to a lack of sexual desire in a man, which means the man would not have much interest in participating in any type of sexual activity with a sexual partner.

Other Problems That Affect Male Performance In The Bedroom

In addition to the sexual dysfunctions we have mentioned thus far in this section, we should also note that there are other issues that can cause a man to experience a reduction in their sexual performance.

The most important problem that we should mention here would be a lack of physical strength, endurance, stamina and energy.

All of these factors are strongly connected. A person with a low amount of strength and endurance would naturally not have a lot of energy, and may not have a lot of physical strength.

In the bedroom, these four factors play a very important role. If a man does not have the physical strength required for certain bedroom activities, then sex may be limited to “vanilla” activities, which may become “outdated”.

Endurance and stamina are needed by a man to last for an adequate amount of time during sex – if the man runs out of stamina, he would be unable to continue delivering a potent dose of sexual satisfaction to his sexual partner. Additionally, energy is needed for optimal performance as well.

These issues can cause a man to experience some symptoms of sexual dysfunctions. As an example, a man who has low energy levels may not feel like having sex as he knows he does not have the strength or energy to perform well; thus causing him to experience a low libido.

A man who does not have a healthy level of stamina may find that he loses his ability to perform well while he is still having sex – this could cause him to lose interest and might even affect his erectile function midway through the activity.

How Natural Remedies Can Be Useful For Men Experiencing Poor Sexual Performance

When a man suffers from any of the conditions we have discussed here, they are often advised to visit a healthcare professional in order to obtain a thorough examination of their current health status, as well as to help them determine why they are experiencing these particular symptoms.

While a visit to a healthcare professional may be beneficial and would allow a man to uncover any potentially hidden underlying diseases that could be causing his symptoms, it is important to note that the pharmaceutical drugs that are utilized by a doctor to directly treat certain types of male sexual problems can lead to side-effects.

Millions of men suffer from sexual dysfunctions, and this may be causing havoc on their sex lives, as well as their relationships. A lot of these men are not willing to put their health at risk by taking Viagra, Cialis or some of the other drugs that can be prescribed when experiencing sexual problems[3].

This means they have to seek out alternative ways in which they can improve their sexual performance and to alleviate the symptoms of sexual dysfunctions they may be experiencing.

This is where the herbal supplement industry comes into play. Mother nature is known to be very powerful, providing us with numerous plants and other compounds that include beneficial substances that are able to offer particular advantages to the human body.

With this in mind, a lot of men have decided to rather turn to natural supplements to help them treat their symptoms, improve their sexual performance and take a healthier approach to treating the sexual dysfunction symptoms as compared to utilizing pharmaceutical drugs.

The most significant benefit to be considered is the fact that natural ingredients expose the human body to a much lower range of health risks.

While Viagra and other medicines may cause[4] flushing, headaches, abnormal vision, insomnia, an upset stomach, muscle pain, dizziness and many other side-effects, the natural ingredients contained in these supplements usually do not tend to cause such side-effects.


Male enhancement supplements have become one of the most popular and widely used markets in the supplement industry, often promising to help men experience improvements in many areas where they require optimal performance.

These supplements are often divided into different categories. While some pills have been formulated to help men improve their sexual performance, others rather utilize ingredients that offer men the ability to experience a boost in physical strength during training protocols, as well as the added benefit of increasing the rate at which the male user is able to build lean muscle mass.

The supplements that are promoted to help men improve in certain areas of their sex lives have become especially popular amongst the male population. Nizagara, a male enhancement product that claims to work for erectile dysfunction.

There are numerous reasons why millions of men are opting for natural supplements to help them boost their performance in the bedroom, with the primary reason often being the fact that pharmaceutical options that are made available to a man suffering from certain sexual dysfunctions hold a significant amount of risks, which may even lead to the development of life-threatening side-effects in some rare cases.

In this post, we have discussed the importance of optimal male performance in various areas of a man’s life, such as while he is participating in sexual activities with a partner, while he is working out at the gym and, of course, also through his day-to-day lifestyle.

We also explained what factors might cause a man to experience a reduction in their overall performance, and placed a significant amount of focus on why some men experience issues when it comes to their sexual performance.

Additionally, we looked at some of the most potential male enhancement products that men can turn to in this upcoming year, 2022, to help them improve their sexual performance, as well as aid them in boosting their overall performance so that they can work out at the gym, be productive at their workplace and improve their performance while performing everyday activities.

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