What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction?
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Sex is one of the many areas of your life that may change with age. Many older men struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED), which is the inability to attain or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

It can strain your romantic relationships and make it difficult to conceive. However, this condition is not untreatable.

Here are a few of the fastest ways to deal with erectile dysfunction. 

1. Lose Some Weight

Your size could be the reason you have erectile dysfunction. Find a way to lose some weight and maintain your healthy weight. Having a trim waistline is your first line of defense.

If you have a 42-inch waist, you are 50% more susceptible to ED than a man with a 32-inch waist.  If you have trouble losing weight, your doctor could suggest a diet plan and workout routine.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Obesity increases your risk of diabetes and vascular disease and is one of the biggest causes of ED. If you have excessive fat, it could mess with various hormones, making the problem worse. 

2. Take Care of Your Vascular Health

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high blood sugar can cause erectile dysfunction. Speak with your doctor and make sure that your vascular system is perfectly healthy.

If you have poor vascular health, there may be insufficient blood flow to your penis. Change your lifestyle and take the appropriate medication. 

3. Use Vardenafil

Consider using vardenafil to treat erectile dysfunction. It is an effective tablet that disintegrates into your mouth. Take it an hour before sexual activity and avoid taking more than one in 24 hours.

Depending on your needs, the doctor may suggest you take it less often. Ask about Vardenafil side effects and how they can affect your daily life.

4. Therapy

Many times, ED is a psychological issue. Seeking counseling or therapy may be the best treatment idea. Your therapist will give you tips to deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns that affect your sexual functioning.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

If you suffer from performance anxiety, for example,  it could limit your ability to achieve or maintain an erection. Sex therapy could help put your mind at ease.

Counseling improves the quality of communication in your relationship, and ensures both parties contribute to finding solutions for the problem.

While occasional ED is not a cause for concern, it can be a sign of an underlying health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or atherosclerosis.

Treating the underlying condition is often the best way to resolve ED. However, lifestyle changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, and reducing stress can be effective in treating ED.

If lifestyle changes do not improve ED, there are several medical treatments that can be effective, including oral medications, penile injections, and vacuum devices.

Surgery should only be considered as a last resort. By understanding the causes and risk factors of ED, you can work with your doctor to find the best treatment for you.

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