Follow These 10 Steps To Have Sacred Sex With Your Lover
Sacred sexuality is the practice of embodying and becoming the energy and expression of love in the world. (Image/Shutterstock)

Do You Know the 10 Steps For Sacred Sex?

Sex has always been a natural part of life, as well as an essential part of the reproduction process.

Sexual intercourse has been practiced since the beginning of time, and still holds up to be the number one activity for intimacy, deeper connections between partners, and heightened levels of pleasure amongst the general population.

Sex is not only an activity that causes both partners to experience pleasurable emotions and sensations but also holds a large number of health benefits to the human body. While sex is important in a healthy relationship, and most people find sex to help them stay connected with their partner, it can be relatively difficult to keep that connection alive as time goes by, especially when two partners have been together for a significant amount of time.

A report published on ABC News explains that a recent survey found that 72% of couples who have been married for less than three years participate in sexual activities with each other at several occasions every single week, and 58% of them reported that their sex lives were very exciting.

When the statistics of couples married for ten years or longer were taken into consideration, the number of couples who had sex multiple times during a single week dropped down to only 32%, and only 29% of these couples reported that their sex lives were still exciting.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This information provides us with proof that sex can become dull and boring over the years when you spend your life with a single sexual partner. This, however, does not mean that cheating is a solution, and getting a divorce or breaking up just because sex isn’t what it used to be anymore is also not appropriate.

The good news is, there are numerous ways in which a couple can restore their “sexual mojo”; thus helping them to reconnect and have sex as often as before once more. From tackling sexual issues such as premature ejaculation, low libido or erectile dysfunction, to trying ancient forms of sexual intercourse.

In this post, we are going to take a look at how sacred sex, often also referred to as tantric sex, may be beneficial for couples who wish to have a deeper, more intimate connection with each other.

We will also take a look at the benefits of sex, as well as consider what additional benefits sacred sex could add and why you should consider this type of sexual activity to help bring the spark back in the bedroom for you and your partner.

What are the Benefits of Traditional Sex?

Every sexually active individual already knows that sexual intercourse brings a person great deals of pleasure and usually intimate emotions, but what many people do not know is that sex is far more beneficial for their body.

Think back to the last time you had sex – you most likely felt very sleepy after your session of sexual intercourse?


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This is because sex is also known to contribute to improvements in sleep – and since poor sleep is linked to numerous chronic diseases, it means this particular benefit already helps you prevent the development of heart disease, depression, and, of course, daytime sleepiness.

Apart from improvements in sleep and, of course, those intense levels of satisfaction, Mercola reports that some of the other benefits that can also be expected from frequently having sexual intercourse with your partner include:

  • Increased IgA levels, also known as immunoglobulin A. This is the human body’s initial line of defense, which minimizes the need for the rest of the body’s immune system to be activated when pathogenic organisms are detected within the body.
  • Sex is considered to be a form of physical exercise since the heart rate increases through sexual intercourse, the body is actively moving and sweat is produced. For this reason, the benefits of physical exercise also apply to sexual intercourse.
  • The heart is also affected in a positive way through sexual intercourse, especially since sex is a type of exercise – physical activity is one of the most highly recommended techniques for combatting heart disease and keeping the heart-healthy. Several studies have found that men who participate in sexual intercourse regularly have a much lower risk of being diagnosed with heart disease.
  • In addition to benefiting the overall heart health of the human body, sexual intercourse is also able to lower blood pressure levels and produces improvements in the body’s stress response. This can be especially helpful for men who struggle with erectile dysfunction since high blood pressure is known to lead to erectile problems. More sex means lower blood pressure, which equals better erections – combined with some erectile dysfunction exercises, this is an effective strategy for larger, firmer erections.
  • During sexual intercourse, certain hormones are released in the body that is known to reduce the severity of pain experienced. In turn, this can help to alleviate existing pain. WebMD suggests that sex is most beneficial for reducing chronic pain, back pain, headaches, arthritis-related pain, and menstrual cramps.
  • For men, sexual intercourse – or, more specifically, the ejaculation part – has the ability to greatly reduce their risk of ever developing prostate cancer. It should be noted that these benefits were found amongst ejaculation from masturbation and from sex.
  • Just as sex can help to improve erections in men due to the reduction in blood pressure levels, it has also been found that sexual intercourse contributes to higher levels of libido. Thus, having more sex means you will want to have more sex. A higher libido may also help you last longer in bed.
  • For women, having sex on a regular basis may also contribute to improvements in their pelvic floor muscle strength, which may, in turn, help to improve their bladder control.
  • Sex also causes the body to release a hormone called oxytocin, often dubbed as a love hormone. This hormone holds numerous benefits for the human body, and for the relationship that the two partners share who had sex. A stronger intimacy and improvements in their relationship can be achieved through the release of this particular hormone.

What is Sacred Sex and How Can this Sexual Act Benefit You and Your Partner?

You now know that sex does not only give you pleasure but also exercises your body, gives you a release of feel-good hormones, blocks pain, and contributes to a healthier heart. Still, however, if sex is not something that is on the table much in your relationship, then how are you to experience these benefits.

While taking a supplement like Cilexin may help to improve a man’s erections if sexual dysfunction is causing issues in your sex life, many people find that it is rather the disconnection in their relationship that causes them to have sex less than they used to. Thus, we would like to introduce our readers to an ancient sexual practice that has become very popular in the modern-day – known as sacred sex.

This sexual act is often referred to as tantric sex. Sacred sex is a special type of sexual activity that utilizes some of the principles we see with yoga, and provides an entirely new way for a couple to connect at a spiritual level.

Sunyata Satchit Ananda explains that sacred sex, or sacred intimacy as they refer to this sexual act, is a unique form of sex that is meant to act as a method for sexual healing. They continue to explain that sacred intimacy is a way to release wounds that a person may have regarding sexual trauma or emotional trauma they have suffered from in the past.

In addition to sacred sex providing a way for a person to enter a state of spiritual healing, this form of sexual intercourse also allows two people to connect with each other at a spiritual level; thus causing them to “become one with each other”.

This can greatly help a troubling relationship where sexual intercourse is something that only happens once-in-a-while since many people who practice sacred sex with their partner find that the intimate activity helps them reconnect and brings back that spark that was missing in their sex lives.

Ten Steps to Perfecting Sacred Sex for a More Intimate, Spiritual Connection

Understanding sacred sex is one thing, but actually performing this intimate sexual act with your partner can be much harder than simply understanding what it means to have this type of sex. Still, it is possible for any couple to become acquainted with sacred sex – and it really only takes a few simple steps for you and your partner to start practicing this activity.

While it is possible to hire the services of a coach who can help you and your partner learn how this sexual act works, this can be costly and quite invasive. Thus, many people would rather prefer learning the art of sacred sex themselves.

Here, we are going to explain, step-by-step, how tantric sex works, and how you can your partner can get started.

  • 1. Before sex can become a sacred and spiritual activity, it is important for both you and your sexual partner to recognize and accept the fact that you are both spiritual beings. It is also important to recognize the fact that we are created from a blueprint developed from a divine entity and to accept this divine entity for the ultimate spiritual experience.
  • 2. The next step is to realize that the same intention as with traditional sex does not apply to sacred sex. While traditional sex has the goal of climax, with sacred sex, the goal is union and a spiritual connection.
  • 3. Once you have completed the two initial steps mentioned above, it is time to create a sacred space where you and your partner can perform this ritual. The space appointed should contain the right mood and setting. It could be your bedroom, combined with special bedding and perhaps even some soft music.
  • 4. Next up is the purification. This step involves both you and your partner becoming as clean as possible before the sexual activity commences. Try to run a hot bath with essential oils, and if possible, you can your partner can clean each other.
  • 5. Once clean, you can enter the sacred space created in step three and start to explore each other’s body. Talk to each other, worship each other’s bodies and honor each other, but practice respect and only do what you are permitted to do with your partner.
  • 6. Now, you should enter the foreplay phase of sacred sex. During this step, breathing should be aligned and the eyes should meet. Connect at a level that is deeper than the average physical connection – by looking into your partner’s eye, you need to look into their soul.
  • 7. Slowly move from foreplay to intercourse. During intercourse, continue to worship each other’s bodies and remember that sacred sex has the goal of union and a connection at a spiritual connection, and not just to reach climax.
  • 8. The intercourse session should become more intense as both reach heightened levels of spiritual connections and healing. Keep breathing in synchronization with each other, and create that ultimate connection with the one person you love more than anything else.
  • 9. With sacred sex, ejaculation is not what ends the activity. Rather, the activity tends to build downwards gradually, and it is not necessary for ejaculation during this sexual act. Afterplay, however, should commence once the steamy session has “cooled down”.
  • 10. Finally, after the act has been completed, the next step is to share other types of sexual pleasures. Many couples also enjoy some fine wine and food after they have had sacred sex.

Final Words

While sex always seems good at the start of a relationship, couples tend to become bored with each other and often find that their sex lives become dull the longer they stay committed to each other. This is often one of the primary reasons why someone would cheat on their partner, or walk away from the relationship. While these are unfortunate events, it is important to note that it is possible for a couple to reconnect and claim back the sex life they had in the beginning.

Through the practice of sacred sex, many couples have found a way to connect with each other in a way that traditional sexual intercourse is unable to provide – a spiritual and more intimate connection than they have ever experienced before.

Sacred sex might be a little “weird” when you only learn about it, and it may take some time, patience and efforts to perfect this technique, but once you and your partner understand the basics of sacred sex, you will be able to greatly benefit from the spiritual healing powers that this type of sexual activity can provide both you and your sexual partner.

In this article, we have taken a look at what exactly sacred sex is, a form of sexual intercourse that is based on ancient practices, and we considered how practicing this type of sex could be beneficial to your current relationship.

We also provided the ten most essential steps that people have to take in order for them to become acquainted with sacred sex, and to help you get started as soon as tonight.

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