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10 Types of Sex to Keep Sexual Spark in Long-Term Relationships

AuthorBy - Updated July 1, 2021
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Sex For Long-Term Relationship
Sex, sexual intercourse, love making – whatever you prefer to call this intimate activity shared by two people, it is something that most people enjoy.

Most relationships depend on a healthy amount of sex – having sex frequently ensures both partners in a relationship are satisfied in the sex-part; thus reducing the risk of one partner looking to have their needs met by someone else.

While some relationships only tend to last for a very short period of time – thus causing the two partners only to experience those first session of sexual intercourse, which is usually quite intense – other relationships tend to last for a more significant period, sometimes even for a lifetime.

Even though there are many couples who have been together for a significant amount of time and still enjoy sex, a lot of people are afraid of committing to a relationship, with the fact that many belief sex becomes boring and less frequent in longer-term relationships.

To proof to our readers that sex can still be very exciting for couples in relationships that last longer than the average one-month dating experience, we want to offer our readers some insight into the types of sex long-term couples have.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

These are types of sex that are experienced by the majority of people who are involved in a relationship for an extended period of time – sometimes five years and sometimes “until death does us part”.

1. Sex

Passionate Sex
Let’s start with the most obvious – plain old sex. No matter how long two people are together, they will most likely continue to have sex – and no matter how they are performing this particular act, sex still stays… sex.

While this particular entry in our list of sex types that long-term couples tend to participate in, it serves as a reminder that sex is not something that suddenly disappears and becomes a part of your past just because you have committed to a long-term relationship.

2. Intimate Sexual Intercourse

After spending the day together, having dinner in a candle-lit room and feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries in a jacuzzi, a more intimate session of sexual intercourse is usually what awaits a couple.

This type of sex often tend to be slow-paced – a lot of kissing, touching, feeling and emotions are involved in these intimate moments between two people, and they usually also tend to end with both partners being excessively pleased with the experience they just had.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

3. Just a “Quickie”

Sometimes there is simply not enough time to have sex. Perhaps you and your partner are late to an event, or you just realized that you need to drop the kids off at school in the next 20 minutes.

Still, your sex drive has spiked and you need to get your release. This is where the “quickie” comes in – just a quick session of sexual intercourse between you and your partner, perfect for relieving some sexual tension and also perfect for warming both of you up for a steamier session of sex later that day.

4. The Make-Up Session

A post published on Elite Daily[1] reports that it seems like the couples who fight the most, also tend to love each other the most. While there is “good fighting” and “bad fighting”, all couples do fight sometimes.

After that fighting and the buildup of frustration and anger, however, the two partners often tend to long for each other. Eventually, this often leads to the ultimate session of makeup sex.

Healthy Sex Life Info

5. Cheer-Up sex

Everyone has their good and bad days. While happy feelings are usually flowing through you on the good days, you may experience sadder emotions on your bad days. This is where cheer-up sex comes in.

When two people have been together for a long time, one partner is usually able to tell when the other partner is not feeling like themselves. This depressing mood can often be lifted with a session of cheer-up sex.

6. Lazy sex

With work and other chores on your schedule, and having to spend time cooking the moment you get home, it is no surprise that sometimes you may feel extremely lazy when you get to bed.

This is normal but doesn’t always mean sex is not on the table. For many couples in a Long-Term Relationships, a long and hard day ends with a relaxed session of lazy sex.

Sexual Spark

7. A fun session of Masturbation

Sometimes, a couple may feel an extreme desire to please each other, but they are not particularly in the mood for going through the entire ritual of sexual intercourse. This leads to a session of masturbation – a fun activity that the couple enjoys together while cuddling up in bed.

8. Experimental Sex

When two people have been together for some time i.e. in a Long-Term Relationships, they gradually start to open up more to each other. In many cases, they will also start to open up about sexual fantasies and particular experiments they have always wanted to do in the bedroom.
This often causes the two individuals to start experimenting with new sex positions, sex toys and perhaps even new locations to try having sex at.

Christening Coitus

9. Rediscovered Intimacy sex

Every Long-Term Relationships have some periods where the two individuals involved in the relationship start to drift apart from each other.

This can be quite concerning at times, but when the two individuals have true feelings for each other, they will usually find a way to get that spark back into their relationship.

When that spark is back, a few nights of intimate sex lies ahead of them – something we would refer to as rediscovered intimacy sex.

10. Conceiving

Finally, it should also be noted that when a couple decides to try for a baby, their entire outlook on sexual intercourse usually tends to change. Thus, conceiving, or having sex with the purpose of becoming pregnant, really deserves its own place in our list of sex types that long-term relationships involve.

When trying for a baby, a couple usually has a lot of things to consider, such as the woman’s menstruation cycles, and they usually have to schedule sex to ensure they participate in this activity at the right times to improve their chances of a successful pregnancy.

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While sex is something that happens in both short and long-term relationships, many people tend to fear that sex may start to become less frequent, awkward and boring when they stay with one partner for too long.

Fortunately, the fact that long-term couples tend to participate in quite a large number of sex types provides proof that there is a lot of hope in the sex lives of people who are committed to longer-term relationships.

In this post, we outlined some types of sex that all couples in long-term relationships tend to have – from plain old sex to those sessions that none of the two partners ever wishes to speak about again. You might check this product Steel 1-Andro if you want to perform hard erection in bed.

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