10 Best Amorous Sex Positions To Enliven Your Relationship

by Amy Taylor

Spice up Your Relationship in Bed

Okay: Name all the sex positions you can think of. Let me guess…you’ve said missionary, cowgirl, spooning, and doggy style.Well, let’s up your game! You can have better sex and better orgasms if you try the following positions (not all in the same night…unless you’re up for that, in which case, go for it!).

Don’t forget that positions aren’t the entire story when it comes to great sex (communication, preparation and vulnerability matter even more), but these might just be items you can add to your repertoire, for when the moment is right.

1. Coital Alignment Technique: Stimulates her clitoris (guys, women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Adult literature is a lie, and she’s faking it if you aren’t focusing on her clit. That’s just the truth, gentlemen).

CAT is like missionary position, except that the man’s body is up higher and off to the side…rather than chest-to-chest, his chest is close to her collar. Her legs are bent halfway with her hips up, causing his manhood base to keep stimulating her clitoris.

She straightens her legs, and he flexes his pelvis down a little bit while she moves up. Rather than plunging downwards, he and she rock back and forth, providing a great friction for her to get there. Guys should consider moving their hips in a circle.


2. Cowgirl: You know it, but I’m including it because it’s vital for G-spot stimulation, letting the woman be in control and therefore be more likely to have a real orgasm. It allows the man to enjoy lots of sights.

If the man thrusts shallowly, that stimulates the part of the clit that’s the more sensitive portion. If both partners lie on each other with the woman’s legs stretching out on top of the man’s (she can clamp her feet atop his and push off in rocker motion), she can rub her clitoral area against his pubis for more pleasure.

If the man stimulates her orally and manually until she’s very aroused (he can try having her crouch atop his face and orally stimulating her from underneath), it’ll be easier for her to climax.

3. Sitting: provides G spot friction, as the man sits at the side of a bed or chair with his feet down. The women faces away and sit on him between his legs, riding him using the chair arms and her feet for leverage.

She can angle her hips and press down into his groin, to control the angle of his willy inside her.

As she’s in the driver’s seat, she can also reach and play with his genitals. He can reach around and use her nipples to add more pleasure if he wants.

Feet for Leverage

4. On Her Belly: intensifies clitoris pleasure for the woman. She lays face down on the bed, knees slightly bent and hips slightly raised (put a pillow under her lower abs if desired).

The man enters her from behind and keeps his weight off her (men: learn to do pushups, already! Prop yourself up on your arms during sex…it’s not sexy to crush women). This position will create a snug fit.

To last longer, men, switch to shallower thrusts and breathe deeply, or try using a very slippery lubricant to reduce friction and allow you to last longer before climaxing.

Before this begins, he can help get her turned on by placing her face down, straddling her butt, and massaging her back while she wiggles, grinds and moves her mons pubis in a circular motion against the sheets to stimulate her clitoris.

5. Push-Up: keeps the man’s weight off the woman, and allows eye contact. Men: there’s a reason women love a man with a six-pack…it’s because we know a guy with strong abs is going to be better in the sack.

This position shows off your strength and abs. To ease the strain on the man’s arms, he can assume the standard “up” sex position while between the woman’s legs, and then lower himself to kiss her while thrusting up with his shoulders as well as his pelvis.

He can tease her by entering with just the tip, thrusting just halfway in, removing himself and stroking her clitoris with his manhood (she can grab his willy and do this to herself as well).


6. Rocking: this allows quicker orgasms for women, with easier motions for men. Also it gives a great view of the sex organs in action, and allows eye contact as well. Both parties are seated on the bed with their legs toward one another, arms back to support themselves.

The women move onto the man with her hips between his spread legs, her knees bent and her feet outside his hips and flat on the bed. Now the couple rocks back and forth; she can lift her legs onto his shoulders, increasing muscular tension and advancing the orgasm sequence.

Elevating her butt off the bed allows her to more easily thrust and grind in circles. She can grab his hands and pull herself up into a squat while he lies back, or both can remain upright and against one another chests.

7. Uncovering for Oral: for women who want a forceful lick up, men can put a cushion under her to lift her hips up. She can bend her legs and put her feet on his shoulder blades.

While he laps away, he can use his hands to push softly upward on her stomach, pulling her skin away from her vulva and helping reveal her clitoris which is normally covered by its hood.

He should let his tongue lay firm and flat along the opening of her clitoris, and let her rub to create friction along his tongue, as needed to climax.

8. Sitting in Her Throne: this is a great way to give her oral. She sits with her legs spread far apart, and he starts slowly and gently, stroking widely and softly, and ends by sucking very firmly. She’s easily able to guide him and also able to watch the sexy scene of him working between her legs (a powerful sight that makes many women feel in charge and therefore aroused).

A chair that can rotate can come in handy! He can insert his first two fingers and motion in a “come over here” manner to stimulate her Grafenberg spot…executed correctly, this can properly bring her to orgasm.

Closed Oral

9. Closed Oral: for women who do not enjoy being brought to orgasm by overt friction on their clitoris, men can have them keep their legs closed during oral sex.

Men can place their hands atop women’s pubic mounds, apply light pressure, and rub firm tongues all around but not right on the clitoris, to indirectly bring pleasure.

Men can allow their index finger knuckles to follow behind his tongues…the difference between the tongue and finger bone can often be a pleasant sensation for women.

10. Face Sitting: the woman can direct the position and pressure of the man’s tongue by rising up or pressing down. She can straddle him, placing her knees at his ears (she can hold on to a wall or headboard for support if desired).

While he’s licking, she can use her fingers to graze her nipples or rub the top of her vulva. He can also hold his tongue firm, as she grinds and presses her clitoris against it as she sees fit.Okay: name all the sex positions you can think of.

Let me guess…you’ve said guy on top, woman on top, and from behind. Well, let’s up your game! You can have better sex and better orgasms if you try the following positions (not all at once…unless you’re up for that…but if so, just go for it!).

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Don’t forget that positions aren’t the entire story when it comes to great sex (communication, preparation and vulnerability matter even more), but these might just be items you can add to your repertoire, for when the moment is right.

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