Why Sexting May be Good for Relationship?

The word “sexting” is not new to many. It may not be included in dictionaries but people can recognize the word and even define it immediately. Grammarians and word experts may not consider it a word but it is now being used widely by many.

Sexting Defined

Roughly, sexting is an act of expressing sexual desires to another person with the use of modern technology gadgets. And the most common medium of such is via sending messages through cellular phones or smart phones.

Sexting involves an active exchange of simple text messages conveying sexual aggressive tones and even pictures that have adult themes.

Basically, sexting lays only through exchange of messages between two people. No actual sexual physical act involved. Both sides only utilize their imagination on a certain sexual act and deliver it to the other individual.

Who Engage into Sexting?

People of any age and from all walks of life can engage into sexting. And you need not have to be actually sexually active to get into this. Fact is some sexters are virgins who want to have a primary overview on what’s it like to have an actual sexual intercourse.

Probably the youngest engagers of such are teenagers. Sexting is also being practiced by people who are either in or not in a relationship. Sexting doesn’t require you to have a committed partner just to practice the act. You only need a willing individual to do it with you.

Primarily people utilize sexting to fulfill sexual desires, out of curiosity and while others, just to have simple fun.

It is Still not for Kids

Despite the limitations of this act, still, it is considered an adult act that should be prohibited from children. With this, it is advised that smartphones with sexting messages should be kept away from children. And while sexting with your partner, you should be in a private place where no one can see you. Just to keep things in shape.

Exposing kids to sexting may detour their understanding about intimate relationships or provoke unwanted emotions inside them. With this, it is best to keep this thing from them. The right age will come and they would understand the act the way adult people did today.

Reasons Why People Get into Sexting?

People Get into Sexting
By nature, people, especially men are sexual individuals. It is part of the system, it runs in the DNA of every individual. When one hits a certain age, curiosity comes in and then later even experience sex at an early age.

But due to the risk of getting into unwanted pregnancies, people tend to find ways to fulfill their sexual desires without having an actual intercourse. And one of the creative ways that were uncovered is through sexting.

Another reason why people get into sexting is the distance. This is true to people who are into long distance relationships. They may be sexually active before when they are in the same place, but due to some circumstances, one has to move to another place. And to fulfill their desires for one another, sexting became a solution.

Some also get into sexting for pure fun and pleasure. These people are curious with sex, would want to enjoy it but scared of the possible consequences. And sexting is the alternative that can answer their curiosity and fill their desires,
Oddly, some use sexting to express their endearment to another person.

This may be true to those people who have a strong romantic relationship or to those married couples who were separated temporarily due to circumstances.

Reasons why it is good for People in a Relationship?

what is sexting infographic

Despite the open minded outlook of today’s generation, still, not all are crazy when it comes to sexting. Moralists and religious people consider this act as immoral and categorized it as lascivious. That is why there are some apprehensions when it comes to this so called hobbit.

However, for people who are into studies on relationship and sexuality, sexting is being viewed in another version. For them, sexting is not just a mere sexual act but an enhancer for both sexual life and relationship wise between people. And this goes to follow that sexting is perceived to be healthy for people in a relationship. But just why is sexting good for relationships?

Open Talk

Sex plays a big rule in a relationship. It is one of the ways one could express his or her feelings to the other party. Sex is considered sacred and private to many. But for the people of today, it should also be enjoyed at the same time. And with the evolution of sexting, people can further appreciate the essence of sex.

Sexting enables the couple to discuss sex openly. They can freely say whatever they want to say since everything is only dispensed in text messages. With this, each party would get to know the other persons likes and dislikes when it comes to sex.

They can further enhance their love making by applying what they have learned from each other through sexting. Other than that, sexting also involves a pretend love making through text messages, thus, both parties would have the chance to explore each other initially and get to know more about each other sexually.

Doing so, when that day of the actual intercourse comes in, they can make love in such a way that both parties would be satisfied to the fullest. Sexting initiates open and honest sex talk which will help both parties get the maximum sexual satisfaction they want to experience

Allows your Creativity to Explore

Since sexting is all about creating fantasies, both parties can then explore their sexual capabilities and even do some researches on sex that is completely out of the box.

This is definitely good for such would make each intercourse very exciting. Learning and trying new ideas will keep your partner at the edge and excited all the time. Fire of passion will definitely not stop burning.

Sex ideas can be researched even through the use of internet. You can always adopt or even enhance the idea and share it with your partner. With this, because of sexting, your mind would not stop finding ways on how to make every single sexual intercourse pleasurable for the both of you.

Allows your Partner to Long for More

With all the creative ideas you have poured during sexting sessions, definitely, your partner would want for more. It will keep him or her on the edge and could not wait for the actual encounter.

Sexting allows the other party to have an overview on your capability in bed and capacity in making love. And with that, your partner would definitely get excited to actually see you and make those love making via text alive.

Safe Sex

Safe Sex
Sexting is sex through texting. Literally it is safe. Some couples, especially the young ones, are hesitant to have sex for many reasons. Wherein one of the most popular reasons is unwanted pregnancies. That is why some youngsters consider sex out of wedlock prohibited. But with the evolution of sexting, they can now have “sex” even through texting only.

Through sexting, they can explore each other sexually and get to know each other deeper in that very sensitive aspect. Even without the actual intercourse, they can still deepen their relationship as though they’ve been making love for the longest time.

Allows you to Get Ready

Sexting allows you to get to know your partner in that very deep area. It allows you to get to know the other party’s inhibitions and issues when it comes to sex. Thus, allowing you to think and create ways to reach the other party and guide him or her to the fullest sexual pleasure.

Sexting gives you the idea and the time to explore, further familiarize and make some adjustments.

Sexting serves as the preview of the actual sexual act and with the help of it, you can make the actual sexual intercourse very special and memorable for your partner. To make your sexual intercourse more special then you may go for Vigor-Max.

Pleasure Without Breaking Risk

Unwanted pregnancies always follow unplanned sexual intercourse. But with sexting, you can still satisfy your sexual urges to the fullest without taking chances of getting pregnant.

Sexting is just like having sex but only through text messages. But the idea and the body pleasure is almost the same. With sexting, you can have a safe sex with that person you care about.

Detours your from Boredom

Communication is very important in a relationship. And sexting is a kind of communication. Aside from the usual topics you and your partner talk about, sexting allows you to have something new to talk about.

Sexting offers something exciting, mysterious and even provoking. Such will indeed give spice in your relationship. With sexting you have something more to talk about, and it will be a medium to further get to know the other person.

Lifts the Stress in Sex

Stress in Sex
As was mentioned above, sexting allows you to explore and get to know your partner even more. With this, you can then bring up the topic of sex with the other person without any hesitation.

And during the actual intercourse, stress would not be experienced because you already know the other person so well. With that, you can enjoy the intercourse without the usual inhibitions.

Tips to Make Sexting More Pleasurable

You have to be Open

In order for sexting to be fruitful, you have to be bold and open to your partner. You have to tell him or her about your concerns, like and dislikes.

You can also tell him or her of your expectations, fears and inhibitions. This way, your partner will have an idea of what kind of sexual person you are.

You Have to be Creative

Think of ideas that are completely out of the box. You can do some researches on this matter. You can also create some ideas basing on the facts you discovered about your partner.

Be Interactive

You need to be very active during the whole conversation. Never left the other party hanging. Always think of something and respond immediately. This way the atmosphere during the whole talk would not fade and you get to enjoy one another continuously.

Assure your Partner that You are Open to Sexting

Always make it a point to assure your partner that you are okay with the whole idea. Not doing so will create a wall and inhibitions, which will make the whole sexting awkward or even bad. Remember that once you started it, you have to finish it. Not only for your sake but for the other person as well.

Sexting, for short, is a titillating overview of your partner’s sexual capability. It’s always fun to get to know a person at this level. That is why it is not a wonder if people are getting hooked to it.

Such an act may not be come to the approval of some but so far, it did no harm. Fact is, it kept some people from getting into committing mistakes that would ruin their future.

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Sexting is a sexual act. Though not totally accepted by the society but open minded people refer this act as a resolution to some issues and this includes issues when it comes to relationships.

Sexting allows you to be open, bold and brave. And this will allow your partner to get to know you further deeper. It will help you understand each other and strengthen the bond you shared with the other person.

In sexting, you need to be open and bold so that sexting would be pleasurable and informative at the same time. Sexting can benefit a lot of people if only used the right way.

However, sexting is not for all. This will work well for people with open minds and adventurous spirits. People who do not see an external help on sexual life a hideous act. But rather a solution to issues that kept the couple from experiencing the maximum pleasure they long to experience.

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