10 Best Tantric Sex Positions for Better Sex Experiences

“The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and prayer” – Marcus Aurelius
Our modern world represses sex and teaches us that there is something wrong or evil about our bodies, genitals, and eroticism. We learn from very young age that it’s not ok to touch ourselves or expose our naked bodies.

We learn that there is something scary or improper about sexual touch and we begin to feel shame, guilt, and embarrassment.

In this kind of world, Tantra brings along a breath of fresh air, showing us a different perspective. In Tantra, sex is considered sacred, and lovers are encouraged to celebrate and cherish their intimate times together.

Beloveds form a sacred union and consciously create intimate experiences full of passion, connection, and bliss. The lovemaking itself is an expression of their love, trust, and commitment, as they slowly, mindfully savor the pleasure of touching, caressing and embracing each other.

Tantric sex positions allow the lovers to come together in an even closer union of bodies, hearts, minds, and souls. In Tantra sex isn’t just a physical union, it’s a multi-dimensional connection that provides the partners with deep nurturing, fulfillment and satisfaction.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

First Tantric Sex Positions – Close Embrace

Close Embrace Position
The woman lies on her back and opens her legs. Her partner lies on top of her and penetrates her. The difference between this position and the missionary is that the lovers intertwine their legs and arms, making sure that their bodies stay in a close contact.

This position is particularly helpful if you usually practice sex that is fast and furious. With full body-to-body contact, the lovers can slow down and experience a greater sense of closeness and intimacy.

Second Tantric Sex Positions – Turning Position

Tantra is very playful, so if your lovemaking needs a bit of fun, this is a great position to try! Start off in the missionary position from which the man completes a 90-degree turn without pulling out of his partner.

In order to do that he needs to slowly and gently move his body while his lover is supporting him. Next, the man continues the turn until he is facing away from his partner and his legs are on either side of her body.

This position will surely provoke some giggles and introduce more playfulness in the bedroom. Once the turn is complete, he can kiss her toes while she is caressing his buttocks.

Third Tantric Sex Positions – From The Back

The woman places a pillow under her pelvis in order to raise her hips. She lies down on her front, and her partner enters her from behind. Next, he lies down on top of her and embraces her with his arms while thrusting slowly and whispering sweet, loving words into her ear.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Forth Tantric Sex Positions – The Trap

He sits down on the bed with his legs straight, and she sits in his lap, with her legs on either side of his hips and her feet flat on the bed. She inserts his penis inside of her, and both hold on to each other’s feet for support.

Now both are trapped in this love position, and there is no escape. Next both start to gently rock back and forth while maintaining eye-contact or lovingly admiring each other’s bodies.

This position gives the woman more control and allows the man to witness the sensual movements and undulations of her body.

Fifth Tantric Sex Positions – Restrained Position

Restrained Position
The woman lies on her back and brings her knees close to her chest. Next, she crosses her calves and allows her partner to penetrate her while he’s leaning forward on top of her legs.

This position allows them both to enjoy an experience comparable to a mild bondage with elements of dominance and submission.

Many women naturally want to surrender during the act of sex while men love to dominate. This position allows them both to play with that dynamic.

Sixth Tantric Sex Positions – “Her Pleasure”

The woman squats on top of her partner, allowing his penis to penetrate her. Next, she brings her thighs together and starts to move her hips while placing her hands on her man’s arms or chest for support.

In this position, she can ride him any way she wants, she is in full control of the depth, angle, and speed of the thrusts.
She can make small movements while the head of his penis is at the entrance of her vagina.

And then she can powerfully lower herself all the way down for deeper penetration.

She can also move her hips in circles in order to alter the angle and pressure of the thrusts.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Seventh Tantric Sex Positions -G-Spot Position

The woman lies on her back and lifts her legs while her lover kneels with his legs on either side of her hips. He gently lifts her buttocks and places it on top of his thighs while lovingly inserting his penis inside of her.

He starts to thrust smoothly and attentively, giving her G-Spot plenty of stimulation.

Eighth Tantric Sex Positions – Spooning

Spooning Position
They both lie on their sides, the man behind the woman. He aligns his pelvis with hers in order to penetrate her. She can bring her knees closer to her chest for deeper thrusts.

He can kiss her breasts and her neck while she can stimulate her clitoris.

This is a lovely position for slow, sensual lovemaking. It allows both partners to enjoy the warmth and intimacy of their close connection.

Ninth Tantric Sex Positions – Cobra Position

The man lies on his back with his legs straight, close together. The woman sits on top of him, inserts his penis inside of her and then slowly lowers herself and straightens her legs until she is lying fully stretched on top of his body.

She can lift her torso and support herself by placing her hands on his arms.
In this position, the woman can move her pelvis in a way that will keep stimulating her clitoris as their pelvic bones rub against each other.

Great position for deep, powerful orgasms for both of them as the woman takes the lead and gives herself exactly the level of stimulation that she needs.

Tenth Tantric Sex Positions – The Connected Position

He sits down with his legs crossed or straight. She sits down in his lap, facing him, with her legs on either side of his body. He then places his arms under her legs and lifts her up while holding her back or buttocks.

She inserts his penis inside of her and allows him to move her up and down.

This position requires the man to be strong and the woman to be flexible.

It allows them a very deep connection as the woman holds onto her partner’s arms or face while looking deep into his eyes and kissing his lips.


Each position is unique and offers different benefits, so it’s a great idea to experiment with them all, one by one. But regardless which position you and your lover choose, make sure to slow down, to breathe deeply and to remain very connected using eye-contact and mindfulness.

The essence of tantric sex is a presence and deep intimacy. And as much as different positions and techniques help, what truly matters is how much both of you can immerse yourselves in the experience and how much you can merge together into one being, one energy, one love and one ecstasy.

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