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Overcome Erectile Dysfunction By Practicing These 7 Exercises

AuthorBy - Updated July 1, 2021
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Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects a majority of the population. According to a research by Harvard University[1], erectile dysfunction (ED) may be psychogenic, neurogenic, or even hormonal. People over 65 years and the middle-aged are prone to erectile dysfunction.

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This may be due to external and internal factors such as stress, physical trauma, as well as drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana.

However, sexual experience in men can be enhanced through certain measures such as regular exercise. One of the reasons why exercise is vital is due to the fact that, it releases chemicals that assist in the stimulation of sex hormones.

Basically, the most widely known chemicals released during exercise are referred to as endorphins. Exercise is considered by medical practitioners as the best method to treat ED because it has several benefits such as improving your mood, lowering stress levels as well lowering your blood pressure.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

What are the Erectile Dysfunction Exercises?

1. Yoga

Yoga has a lot of health benefits which includes reducing the levels of stress and injury during sports. This is due to the fact that, yoga improves the body’s well-being by helping in reduction of stress, improving the heart’s beating rate as well as reducing general body tension. Improving of all these conditions in the body generally helps in eliminating erectile dysfunction.

In addition, yoga postures are professionally designed to help in the general blood circulation within the entire body and specifically to the pelvis area. Therefore, men should attend daily yoga sessions with their wives and girlfriends.

2. Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dance
According to multiple research and studies, there have been discovered numerous scientific proofs[2] that Salsa dancing helps in erectile dysfunction. Apart from the fact that salsa is fun and enjoyable, its intense exercises have other benefits such as improving self-confidence because you tend to meet new people in your salsa dance classes.

On the other hand, salsa exercises help your senses to keep engaged and as well enhance balance and coordination in the body. In addition, salsa dancing helps in keeping fit due to the fact that, a lot of calories are burnt during the exercise.
Therefore, if you have been experiencing an ED problem, you should try salsa dancing and you will thank me later.

3. Swimming

According to research[3] by Yale University students, swimming should be a prerequisite for all men who have an erectile dysfunction.

The intense muscle movement involved in swimming helps in reduction of the body’s general fatigue and stress. In addition, swimming brings about blood circulation and as a consequence enhances blood flow to the male reproductive system.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Obesity and lack of fitness[4] are main causes of erectile dysfunction according to a research by Yale University. However, swimming helps keep the body fit and therefore keeps obesity at check. On the other hand, since swimming an enjoyable activity, it helps release hormones that stimulate overall sex drive in men.

4. Weight Training

Weight training includes both cardio training and resistance training. Basically, these sets of training help in improving erectile dysfunction by increasing bone strength, the mass of muscles and stability. On the other hand, weight training helps in the prevention of injuries and keeping your blood pressure in check.

According to a research by the Institute of Health management, out of 67 interviewed participants, 45% of the participants recorded a higher sexual enhancement as a result of weight training.

When compared to those who did not train, the medical practitioners concluded that weight training is very effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

5. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises
According to a research by a cardiologist in the National Health Institute, aerobic exercises[5] help in circulation of blood in the entire body and specifically in the penis. This, of course, helps in treating an erectile dysfunction.

Aerobic exercises are also very essential due to the fact that, it helps in weight loss; therefore, it reduces the chances of one becoming obese.

Needless to say, numerous studies have confirmed that obesity increases the chances of erectile dysfunction. In addition, men who regularly engage in these activities have a lower probability of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

6. Regular Cardio

Apart from improving erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular activities have other crucial benefits in the body. They include, improving your self-image, improving sleep, improving your muscle tone and as at the same time lowering your blood pressure.
On the other hand, regular cardiovascular activities such as swimming, walking, and even cycling can help in improving energy levels.

Basically, an improvement in the body energy levels and temperature is a very key factor in improving a man’s sex drive and ultimately eliminating erectile dysfunction. Therefore, due to the fact that almost 50% of the sexually active men suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is prudent to engage in these activities for about four to five times a week.

7. Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercises
Although pelvic floor exercises are specifically for women, men can too benefit from pelvic floor exercises. Also known as Kegel exercises, they not only help in erectile dysfunction, they can also help for those with premature ejaculation.

On the other hand, these exercises also help in making orgasms stronger during intimate sexual intercourse.

Basically, one can perform the pelvic floor exercises at any time of the day and by any person who is suffering from conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and weak orgasms. When undertaking pelvic floor exercises, you should hold the base of the pelvis area tightly and stroke upwards. Repeat this exercise severally for about 8-10 times for the best results as every person does not exercise regularly and the second option you might take benefit to improve the sexual health by AlphaMAN XL.


Finally, we can say that these exercises are a great remedy for each and every man suffering from erectile dysfunction. Therefore, they should try the above-listed exercises instead of taking medically prescribed pills. I would, therefore, encourage each and every man out there to try out these exercises for a healthy relationship and sexual life.

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