Can Sexercising Give You A Healthy & Toned Body?

Ok, we all want to know the cold hard facts – does sex count as exercise? Well as Meg Ryan so perfectly put it in Harry Met Sally — “Yes, yes, yes, yes….YEEEESSSSS!!” Ahem, now that we have that cleared up, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

The real question is: Can we all cancel our gym memberships and hang up those running shoes in exchange for some romps in the bedroom?

Firstly let’s discuss how something so much fun can actually be considered exercise. According to the CDC a physical activity is anything that gets your body moving, specifically suggesting you participate in moderate-intensity activities.

Moderate-intensity activity is any activity that makes you breathe harder, sweat more and increases your heart rate. Sound familiar? Simply put sex is a physical activity; you breathe harder, you sweat more and your heart rate increases. So yes, at its core, sex is exercise. It may help to recover from the unlocked chest in men, so reducing your dependency on treatment for gynecomastia. for those who have one. A win for us all!

Secondly know that the CDC recommends 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise. On top of that the average romp in the bedroom only lasts about 6 minutes and the average couple only has sex 2-3 times a week. To get to 150 minutes you need to up your game to 10-minute sessions 15 times as week – that’s twice a day and trice on Sundays.

Keep in mind this is only the vigorous part of sex, not the just lying there and letting your partner lick you from your head to your toe. This is the 10 minutes straight of you both just going after it and ravishing each other.

Don’t go quitting the gym just yet. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that you can burn 100-200 calories during sex. To get that you would need 25-50 straight minutes of moderate sex – remember on average we only last about 6 minutes.

Moderate sex, when maintained for 6 minutes will only burn about 4 calories a minute, making the average 6-minute session a burn of only 24 calories. Whereas a treadmill will burn about 9 calories a minute totally 270 calories during a 30-minute run– more than double that of sex.

While we can burn calories during sex it isn’t going to make the cut as a Full-time workout routine.

But good news, there are some great sexercises you can do that will get your blood pumping a little more, which is precisely possible by enhancing the human growth hormones, so can opt to view the comparison of the best HGH supplements and they don’t require you to be a gold medalist in gymnastics!

During your next romp take turns being on top. Whether it is the man or woman on top this can be a great workout.

great sexercises

Some woman may admit that being on top isn’t their “fav” but I think we can all admit that being on top is way better than the treadmill! One variation of woman on top is the Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl. This position allows the woman to really get use of the most muscles possible.

Her legs, her butt, her arms and her core all get worked as she rides her partner. Bonus: many women say that they orgasm quicker while on top as it allows them to control the thrusts and they get more clitoral stimulation.

When a man is on top, commonly known as the Missionary position, the male tends to get more use of his muscles – legs, arms and core.

This position tends to be more of a passive position for a woman but it can still be great core workout. While the man is on top using his legs and abs to thrust his heart out, the woman can also give back to increase both pleasure and exercise.

All she needs to do is use her core to push her pelvis towards him as he thrusts into her. Variation of this is the Bridge where the woman lifts her butt up using her abs and core and holds it as she is being penetrated.

Try sex on an exercise ball as another variation of woman on top allowing both partners get a good workout. The real trick here is not falling off the ball! For this position have the male sit on the ball and the woman straddle him, wrapping her legs around him.
She will use her muscles to ride him and he will use him to keep the ball upright.

You may take a tumble or two at first so make sure to keep the area clear of table corners or hard objects that will hurt when you tumble. But in the end this will work out his core and legs, while she works out her core in the process.

Next you should try sweatin’ to the oldies. Not necessarily a position but a great way to get the blood flowing and a way to work up a great sweat. Get your music playlist set up with some tunes that have a great beat and let it play as you get down and dirty.

role play to enhance your exercising

Now I’m not talking the nice slow songs, I’m talking the upbeat and pumped songs. Use the beat of the song to set the speed of your romp. As the beat slows you slow but as it speeds up you speed up to match. Pick a variety of songs with different speeds to add variation.

You can also use role-play to enhance your exercising in the bedroom. In this scenario one party plays the role of the Trainer and one of the Trainee.

The Trainer pushes the Trainee to do certain exercises (yes real exercises) but then when completing each one they get rewarded with pleasure.

Example: Tell your partner to give you 10 push-ups and when completed you allow them to fondle any part of your body they want. Increase the amount of please to include oral and limited penetration, being sure to leave more to be earned to keep them motivated.

You repeat this over and over, escalating the pleasure each time until you are both aching to jump each others bones and go to town. Not only do you have fun with exercising but the pay off at the end is well worth the work!

maintain healthy lifestyle

To maintain a healthy lifestyle we need a more vigorous workout that sex just can’t do on its own. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t skip a few runs at the gym for a bit of sexercising with your partner.

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Sex is still a form of exercise and the more vigorous you go at it the more calories you will burn. In the end not only will you burn calories and have a blast doing it but sex is also a great boost to heart health, strengthens the immune systems and is a great way to get rid of stress. Along with sexercising you may also consider some other enhancement product review as African Superman Review.

Lastly, I think we can all agree sex is a lot more fun than a trip to the gym so adding a few extra sexercising sessions a week will definitely do a body good!

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