Top 10 Places Women Want To Be Touched

There are certain places in women that they like being touched but unfortunately, most men usually ignore such places simply because they do not know about them. These are spots women want to be touched by their men.

You can call these places their erotic or erogenous zones. What is interesting about the erogenous places women want to be touched is that they are the same places that help to arouse them sexually even faster during foreplay.

So definitely if you want to satisfy your lady sexually then be sure to touch these places when doing foreplay with her.

Below Are The Ten Spots Women Want To Be Touched:

1. On The Hair

When you touch her hair she will feel nice and would like you to continue doing it even more. You can do this by running your hands gently through her hair downwards to the nape of her neck and you will see how mesmerized she will be with you.

2. On Her Clavicle

Her clavicle or collarbone is a very sensitive part on any woman. You can show her love and appreciation by touching and kissing her there. The best way to do this just before you undress her is stroking her there gently with your hands and also kissing her gently as you proceed to undress her.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This will drive her crazy in your arms and when you actually get into her she will be long moaning ecstatically in her orgasms.

Any man should not ignore this Place In A Woman Because It Is One Of The Most Sensitive Parts In Women.

3. Touch Her In Her Back

When walking in the streets with her you can place your hand against her backline. By doing this to her you are assuring her that you are protecting her from any possible harm. You should avoid being pushy by putting your arm around her shoulder.

When you are alone with her in the house or when you want to make love to her, you should also remember to kiss her in her back.

4. Behind Her Knees

It is a hidden place in women and most men don’t usually even think of it when trying to arouse their women even though it is highly sensitive. You can proceed by gently caressing the back of her knee in the middle of your foreplay.

5. In The Palms Of Her Hands

While alone with her in the house you can take her hand and play with them by tracing your fingers along the palm of her hand. This place is also sensitive in most women and if you caress her gently on the palm of her hands you will see the reaction from her.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

6. Her Earlobes

The earlobes of a woman are also sensitive so pay attention to them during foreplay. You can start by touching and kissing them gently and slowly. You need to be gently on her though and not be rough as this will spoil the pleasure the act is supposed to bring to her.

Other women also like to be gently bitten on their earlobes during sex so it is important for you to pay attention to her ears too.

7. Her Thighs

The thighs of women are some of the most erogenous spots in their bodies. While in foreplay concentrate more on her thighs by gently caressing them and stroking them slowly with your hands. You can even bend down and romantically kiss them for sometime before you put your shaft inside of her.

By the time you will you want to enter her after touching her on her thighs she will be eagerly waiting for you!

8. On Her Neck

The neck of a woman is also very sensitive and for you to fully arouse any woman sexually you need to pay more attention here. The best way for you to start off is by gently caressing her and then finally kissing her on the neck the same way you can do with her lips. It is better to stay there a little longer and you will see how things will work out well.

9. On Her Feet

Women like it when they are massaged on their feet. You can do this by use of a lotion and don’t forget her toes and ankles too.

10. Her Pelvis

The pelvis is also a sensitive spot in women and finding a way that you can access it will be rewarding to the woman in question.


The above-mentioned spots are often ignored by most men who yet they are sensitive parts that women like to be touched. Touching the above-mentioned parts during foreplay will help you to make your woman submit to you wholly during sex.

Next time when smooching your lady don’t just touch the obvious spots like her breasts, vagina, and buttocks also touch these places and you will see how she will react ecstatically.

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