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West Martin P40 Plus Overview

Men have since time in memorial have had a challenge in general testosterone function. As a man ages, there is a significant dip in the level of testosterone produced in the body. There are various body processes that rely on this hormone that are affected by this dip.

One of these areas is a gland by the name the prostate. Low levels of testosterone trigger the enlargement of this walnut sized gland which in effect places a lot of pressure on the bladder.

The pressure placed on the bladder increases urinary frequency in men which affects a man’s quality of life significantly. To avert this, it is recommended that a solution be sought.

One of the best solutions is the use of a natural based supplement which has ingredients that can help promote good prostate health. West Martin P40 Plus is a good product that can be used to achieve the claimed boost.

About West Martin P40 Plus

West Martin P40 Plus

West Martin P40 Plus is a product formulated to help men get better prostate support. It makes use of three potent ingredients which are all natural.

The product manufacturer goes by the name West Martin Longevity. The man behind the product has been in the supplement industry for close to 3 decades and thus this is a product that should be accorded the respect it demands.

Claims and Features – What You Need To Know

The main claims that the product manufacturer makes is that this product helps men get a boost in prostate function.
The product is ideally formulated to be used by men who are in their 50’s and who have noted a dip in testosterone production to prevent the enlargement of the prostate.

This product makes use of a blend of three natural ingredient to achieve the claimed boost in testosterone function.

What Are The Ingredients In West Martin P40 Plus?

The main ingredients that are used in the formulation of West Martin P40 Plus include:

Saw Palmetto: This is an extract that us derived from a slow growing palm that grows in the south east USA. The fruit extract of this plant has been shown to help men with enhanced flow of urine as well as better prostate function and complete emptying of the bladder.

The extract used helps boost urinary tract function and prostate function through the fatty acids and plant sterols that it contains.

Rye Flower: Pollen is extracted from this flower and the extract is used to boost optimal prostate function. The pollen of this flower is fermented to boost prostate function and to prevent allergic reactions from occurring.

Phytopin®: This is a plant sterol that is extracted from the pine tree and has been claimed to produce the highest amount of beta sitosterol. It aids comfort for men while urinating and also helps prevent hair loss in men as they age.

West Martin P40 Plus Benefits

The main benefits shown by the use of West Martin P40 Plus include:

  • It boosts the growth of healthy prostate tissue
  • It promotes prostate function
  • It strengthens bladder walls
  • It reduces bathroom trips for men especially at night
  • It helps boost metabolism in the body

West Martin P40 Plus Drawbacks

The demerits of making use of this product include:
This product contains soy and some users may have an allergic reaction when using the product

How Should You Take West Martin P40 Plus?

The manufacturer of West Martin P40 Plus recommends men take two capsules of the product on a daily basis.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of West Martin P40 Plus

In some rare cases, men have complained about gastrointestinal discomfort a few hours after taking in the product. If any discomfort is felt, it is advisable to desist use of the product and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

When low testosterone levels set in as a man ages, be ready with a product that can combat poor prostate function. West Martin P40 Plus may give men a fair chance at fighting this product.

Continued use of the product may give you results in prostate function. Based on your own deductions, make the final decision on whether to use the Total Repair Eye Gel or not.

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