Prelox Blue – Does Prelox Blue Work?

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Prelox Blue Overview

Prelox Blue, by Herbalife, is a supplement formulated for males that is promised to naturally support male sexual enhancement. Prelox Blue can be purchased online through several retailers, including sites such as The average cost of this supplement is around $50 per bottle of 60 tablets. Prelox is claimed to not have any negative side effectives, but official product descriptions do warn that a “small percentage” of people may experience flushing or headaches after they initially begin to use this product. However, these problems are claimed to decrease over time.

How Does Prelox Blue Work?

Unlike some other male performance enhancement supplements, Prelox Blue is not claimed to provide instant results. Instead, it is said to deliver its effects gradually, improving the enhanced flow of blood over a period of time. Specifically speaking, this product’s formula is said to slowly increase the expansion capabilities of blood vessels so that men can enjoy longer, more sustained erections that are also more impressive in girth and length. In addition to improving vascular system health, Prelox Blue is also claimed to possibly stimulate the release of a neurotransmitter that boosts mood and pleasure sensors.

Prelox Blue Product Details

Prelox Blue

Prelox Blue contains the following ingredients: L-arginine HCl, aspartic acid, l-taurine, Pycnogenol (dried pine bark extract), corn starch, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, stilicon dioxide, methacel, triacetin, acacia gum (stems and branches), FD &C Blue #1, and FD&C Blue #2.

Prelox Blue’s key active ingredients are stated to be L-arginine and Pyconogenol. L-arginine is commonly believed to be beneficial for dilating blood vessels, allowing for an increased flow of blood and nitric oxide to reach the penile tissues region. Pyconogenol, on the other hand, is described as being a powerful antioxidant that improves the responsiveness of blood vessels to such enlargement while also helping to prevent damage to these vessels that typically occurs during the aging process.

Good About Prelox Blue

  • A complete list of ingredients is featured online.
  • Prelox Blue can be conveniently purchased online.
  • There are user reviews for this product.

Bad About Prelox Blue

  • Clinical studies have not been done on the complete Prelox Blue formula.
  • Purchases may not be backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • If taken as directed, Prelox Blue is a relatively pricey male performance enhancement supplement.

Prelox Blue The Bottom Line

Prelox Blue is claimed to provide great results over time, but no clinical studies seem to have thus far been conducted on it. Therefore, while Prelox Blue may appeal to consumers who are interested in purchasing an L-arginine-based supplement, those who are looking for an item that has been clinically proven to provide its promised results probably won’t be very interested in this supplement.

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  1. Gunnar Hardarson

    I’m 43 and suffering from erectile dysfunction. I had tried this product for a month and the results were not up to the mark. Later on, I increased the dosage but still didn’t get any positive result. Ultimately, I had stopped using this product and now I’m looking out for another alternative that would cure my erectile problem.