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How to Get Hard Thick Erections – 6 Simple Ways To Try Out

AuthorBy - Updated April 27, 2022
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Get Hard Thick Erections
Get Hard Thick Erections

Overview of Erection

Having an ability to get a strong and long-lasting, hard thick erections is a necessity for a better sex life. Man wants it to satisfy their partner in bed and the woman wants a man with hard thick erections to get sexual satisfaction from her man.

However, many men struggle to get hard thick erections, and as a result, they have a miserable sex life. It’s a big problem for both men and women. There are many causes of marital problems, and one of the most common causes is a sexual disorder.

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According to the statistics, around 18 million American men are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED). It is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions among men.

Erectile dysfunction could range from mild dysfunction to severe dysfunction. Whether you are struggling with mild erectile dysfunction or a severe erectile dysfunction, you should do something about it to solve this problem.

What are The Scientific Ways To Overcome Your Erectile Dysfunction & Get Hard Thick Erections?

As sexual health is a very important issue, many researchers spend a lot of time to find out more about this issue. Here are some of the scientific ways to overcome erectile dysfunction.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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1. Stop Smoking

There are plenty of reasons behind smoking. Some men smoke for show off while others smoke to release their stress. However, smoking neither release your stress, nor it makes you fashionable. In fact, smoking can negatively impact your sexual health.

According to the study, smoking can shrink your penis. How bad is that? The size of your penis matters a lot, and you would not want a smaller penis. Moreover, smoking is also one of the major causes of impotence.

2. Lose Some Extra Pounds

The problem of overweight and obesity is quite common in the United States as well as in other parts of the world.

According to the statistics published by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIH), more than 2 out of 3 American adults are either overweight or obese.

This is not good for your sexual health. Losing some extra pounds (10% of your body weight) may help 1 out of 3 men to get hard thick erections.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

3. Spend at Least 30 Minutes of Your Time in Workouts

Exercises can enhance your overall health. It can make you both physically and mentally strong. There are numerous health benefits of regular exercises.

Despite knowing the benefits of regular workouts, people do not spend enough time in workouts. There are many specific exercises, such as pelvic floor exercises that can help to improve the quality of your erection.

4. Careful Selection of Diet

Selection of Diet
There are foods that can enhance your erection whereas there are also foods that can significantly degrade your sexual health. For an instance, drinking alcohol can degrade your sexual health. There are many foods, such as garlic, dark chocolates, cherries, and others, which are effective in increasing your hard thick erections quality.

Add such foods in your diet plan and stay away from foods that can degrade your sexual health. You should choose your priority.

Do you want to drink alcohol and have temporary fun or you want to have a healthy sex life?

5. Avoid Stress

There are many causes of stress. It’s nearly impossible not to take stress at all; however, there are many ways to release your stress. There is a relationship between stress and hard thick erections. Taking too much stress can degrade the quality of your hard thick erections.

6. Take a Good Nap

You should take a good nap. Manage at least 8 hours of sleep. While sleep recharges your whole body, it also recharges your penis. Getting enough sleep will nourish your penis with oxygenated blood. You will feel very fresh and energetic after getting enough sleep, but you will feel tired if you don’t sleep well.

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Erectile dysfunction has always been an issue of debate, and it will probably be an issue of discussion in the future as well. The tips mentioned in this article will certainly help you reduce your problem of erectile dysfunction. In fact, these tips will enhance your overall health.

The topic of “sexual health” is rarely discussed among the people. They find it embarrassing to discuss this issue. However, it should be discussed in public.

There is no point in being embarrassed because it can eventually ruin your whole relationship and marriage. If you’re struggling with severe sexual issues, it’s better to immediately contact your doctor. The study shows that sexual dysfunction can lead to marital discord.

Moreover, the study also revealed that male dysfunction plays a more crucial role in marital discord than female dysfunction.

Once you overcome your problems, you will feel more happy and confident than before. Your relationship and marital status will significantly improve as well. To add some romance in your relationship you have to be more energized and you may also boost the testosterone level by PipeDreamZ XL Review.

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