Sizegenetics Review: How Does Sizegenetics Work?

by Cheryl Powers

Sizegenetics Overview

Most men out there are usually looking for a safe way that they can use to enlarge their male members. There are various methods around which have been claimed to help grow the male cock and make it bigger. Some of those methods may include prescription medications, injections, surgeries and herbal supplements. While these are methods that are claimed by their respective producers to be effective at enlarging the size of the cock they usually do not give very impressive results that men are seeking. It is for this reasons that the use of male penile size extenders like Sizegenetics has now been embraced.

Sizegenetics was introduced way back in 1995 and over the two decades it has been around it has been able to go through tests and critics also something which has made it even get better. Most men who have used it have been satisfied with it since its inception. The ability of the device to work well has made even some physicians to be able to endorse Sizegenetics after they conducted their own clinical tests and were able to see its benefits. It is typically worn for at least one hour each day for a period of some months in order to exert some little bit of tension on the male cock which in turn extends over time.

Claims and Features – What You Need To Know About Sizegenetics


This penile extending device is designed and made by an American company that has taken its time to make improvements on it since it was first made. The company claims that they have tried as much as possible to customize the device for it to be able to be used virtually by any man out there who is keen on enlarging his cock naturally without the use of drugs or dangerous surgeries. This device is designed to focus on boosting girth and length of the male shaft. You definitely know that most men out there usually want to achieve the biggest possible cock.

This device will not work for you in an instant as it needs time for it to be able to extend the organ safely without causing you any harm and pain. Indeed this device is a good option for men who are seeking to increase their sizes when compared to procedures like surgeries which are painful, expensive and also pose serious side effects to men. Going the surgery way to help make your male member longer and larger is also quite expensive and also not a guaranteed way of achieving the size that you desire to achieve. As for this device, you will only need to purchase it once and then proceed to use it on a daily basis and wait for the results. Another good thing with opting to use this device to increase your length and size is due to the fact that there is no chance of you altering with your hormones in any way as it only involved the physical aspect.

Sizegenetics Benefits

  • It is an all-natural means to be able to increase your size and girth.
  • It is safe, healthy and sustainable.
  • Using this device on a daily basis has been found to help boost blood flow towards the male organ.
  • It helps users to be able to achieve sustainable erections.
  • It is quite effective and is clinically proven.
  • It is endorsed by some doctors out there.
  • There are numerous positive customer testimonials about this device.
  • The manufacturer of this device offers user money back guarantee.
  • This device can be able to correct irregular male cock curvature.
  • The device offers a proven method to increase the girth of the cock.
  • It is a proven method to help boost the confidence.

Sizegenetics Drawbacks

  • The device takes rather a very long time for its results to be noticed.
  • Initially using this device might feel painful.
  • The enlargements it gives may not be permanent.
  • It is quite cumbersome to use as you need to use it on a regular basis at least once every day.
  • It is not readily available to many people outside of the US.

How Is The Device Used?

When you purchase it you will be given a manual of use where you will find instructions for use which you then need to follow.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Sizegenetics?

None have been reported so far as the device only involves the physical aspect of penile extension although some users had complained of feeling some little bit of pain when they first started using it.

Where Can You Buy Sizegenetics?

It is being sold at its official website page.

The Bottom Line

Sizegenetics is basically a male penile enhancement device which promises to help men keen on increasing their sizes do so naturally and healthily. Once it has been purchased the user will have to place it on the organ at least once every day for three months for results to be achieved.