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Testofen is a supplement that is specifically designed for male use as it promises to help boost testosterone levels in the body. With increased levels of testosterone in the body according to the manufacturer there will be rapid muscle growth and a spiced up sex drive. This particular supplement doesn’t just help build muscles and spice up your sex life. It is also said to be beneficial for the overall well-being of your general health. Testofen has been used as a vital ingredient in other potent supplements for its effectiveness. The company behind this supplement is called Gencor Pacific Inc and since it was first manufactured the company has continued do more and more clinical studies and research on it thus improving its performance. It is claimed that men who take the supplement have seen remarked muscle growth, strength and a greatly improved sexual life in terms of performance.

Claims and features – What you need to know?


Gencore Pacific Inc which is the company that manufactures Testofen claims that the supplement is even more potent and effective than other Fenugreek extracts. The company has even gone ahead to show clinical studies on the official site suggesting that their product is effective and authentic. They say that Fenugreek works to help the body produce natural testosterone needed to build muscle mass, give energy, spice up sexual drive, enhance endurance and lessen recovery times. The supplement is made entirely of fenugreek seeds extract making it a single ingredient supplement. It is also claimed that Testofen helps a man to experience an elevated level of sexual desire and vitality. According to the manufacturers of the supplement their product helps to suppress or at least reduce the normal symptoms of andropause in some men. With this supplement man engaging in sexual activity will experience shorter recovery times during intercourse.

What are the Ingredients in Testofen?

This supplement is made exclusively from Testofen seeds extract. Fenugreek seeds have been scientifically researched and studied and verified to natural testosterone boosters. In the ancient years fenugreek herbs were normally used as a flavor for food there were also some cases that they were used by women to help improve breast milk production. It was later discovered that the fenugreek seeds are good at helping the body to produce testosterone in abundant levels. Since the discovery fenugreek seeds have been used by supplement health companies to make testosterone boosting supplements.

Testofen Benefits

Below are the proven Testofen benefits:

  • The supplement has been clinically tested and found to be effective and safe.
  • It helps the body boost free testosterone levels.
  • It helps to enhance libido and the desire to have sexual intercourse.
  • Helps to build up lean body muscles.
  • Helps bring about energy and stamina.
  • Lessens recovery times during exercises or during sexual intercourse.
  • It is a safe option because fenugreek seeds are natural and healthy.

Testofen Drawbacks

  • There are some users who have reported issues with their intestines getting irritated while other claimed feelings of bloating.
  • There instruction on how it should be taken is very minimal on the website.
  • It is only available exclusively online and you may not find at your local store.

How should you take Testofen?

The manufacturer recommends in the official website that it is to be taken twice daily and does not go into details about the appropriate dosage.

What are Possible Side Effects of Testofen?

Even though Testofen as a supplement is made from a single ingredient that is all-natural there are some consumers who have complained of diarrhea, feeling of discomfort in their intestine, and also nasal congestion after using it. It is therefore advisable to seek proper advice from your physician before embarking on its use.

Where can you Buy Testofen?

Testofen is can be purchased online from it official website. There are also a number of online sites that are selling the supplement.

The Bottom Line

Testofen is a unique kind of supplement that is formulated from a single ingredient to help men build their lean body muscle mass, give them energy & stamina and also help improve their sex lives. Fenugreek seeds from which the supplement is extracted are said to help the body to naturally produce testosterone. What this means is that men who are past their 40th birthdays and are experiencing the effects of a drop of testosterone in their bodies should consider using this supplement as it helps boost the hormone in the body. There are some consumers of the supplement however who have claimed that they experienced some problems after taking the supplement. While these were just a few people it is important that you make proper consultations with your physician to ascertain if taking it will be safe and healthy for you.

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