Top 10 Ways Your Sex Drive Can Turn Into Overdrive

Male sexual issues are one of the most common challenges in some relationships. According to research, one out of every five men in a relationship experiences a low sex drive. This means that so many husbands and wives are always in a fight against a low libido.

Most couples that are battling this condition believe that it is as a result of having issues in their marriages or maybe the romance is dying. However, this is not always true as a low libido can be a sign of so many things including stress, hormonal changes, health issues, fatigue, too much wine, birth control medications and much more.

There is, however, no need to get alarmed by this condition as many couples become complacent over time and so you are not alone. Besides, there are several practical ways you can turn your sex drive into overdrive.

Here are the 10 ways your sex drive can turn into overdrive for a better sexual experience with your partner.

1. Identify the Cause of the Problem

The first step that you should take if you are experiencing a low sex drive is getting to the cause of the condition. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid panicking or being stressed if your sex life[1] is not as it used to be. This is because this does not mean that either you or sex partner lacks interest, romance or love, but this could be due to very many things.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

If your husband is experiencing low libido, it could be as a result of any of these factors. Therefore, it is good to seek the help of your doctor to identify the cause of the real cause of the condition to boost your performance in bed.

2. Manage Stress

Manage Stress
Stress is one of the leading reasons of low sex drive for most couples. Studies have shown that many couples have managed to put their sex drive into overdrive by just focusing on ways of managing stress. This is because stress affects every organ in your body, which includes the gland in the brain that influences your sex drive.

Therefore, if you have many troubling things in your mind, it will be almost impossible to have incredible sexual experience[2]. It is therefore essential to ensure that you and your spouse work on ways of reducing stress to ensure that you enjoy making love more often.

3. Try Something Different

If focusing on reducing stress does not help, you can try something different. In fact, you can try a 5-day challenge, which most doctors recommend to most people experiencing a low sex drive. The trial includes simple but useful things that should be done for five days.

Day 1: Exploration.
Day 2: Lube it or lose it.
Day 3: Get out of the bedroom that can help you to win back what you lost regarding sex drive.
Day 4: Engage in sensual thoughts.
Day 5: Create a sensual playlist.

This program can significantly help in turning your sex drive into overdrive, especially when it is combined with reducing stress.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

4. Improve your Diet

Improve your Diet
Studies have shown that you can naturally boost your sex drive with the help of your pantry. This is because some vitamins and minerals help in boosting hormone levels and increasing nerve sensitivity, which is vital in boosting your sex drive.

5. Maintain your Fitness and Keep the Weight Off

Staying fit make you simply feel better about yourself, which boosts your sex drive. Moreover, excessive body fat accumulations inhibit the production of the testosterone[3] (male sex hormone) for better sexual performance, especially for men.

It is thus essential for men to work on managing their waist size as belly fats absorb the much-needed testosterone. On the other hand, aerobic workouts are beneficial to both men and women as they enhance the flow of blood to the sex organs. Enhanced physical fitness helps in improving your psychological self-confidence.

This is because it allows you to accomplish your weight loss goals by simply losing weight, which boosts your self-esteem as it makes you feel sexier than ever.

6. Meditation

Meditation offers several significant benefits in improving your sex life by enhancing your sexual experiences. This is because meditation provides a simple and a natural way of clearing your mind of bad thoughts and things that cause stress.

7. Feel Great from Inside Out

Most people are uncomfortable making love while out of shape, especially women. However, it is good to understand that your spouse loves making love to you whether you are in shape or not.

Therefore, even if it may feel uncomfortable, it is more important to learn to feel great from inside out, as this is one of the most common sex drive killers[4].
This is by trying to focus on what makes you feel great about yourself, but ensure that you do not give up on eating healthy and exercising regularly.

8. Create an Open Space

Create an Open Space
This is one of the best ways to help your spouse if he or she is the one experiencing low libido. Creating a free space involves ensuring that there an environment, which makes your spouse feel respected and cherished, in spite of experiencing this temporary issue.

This helps in protecting your spouse from suffering from stress as he or she is trying in every way to please you so being unable to do so could be hurting if you do not show enough support.

Furthermore, you can also assure him or her that you are committed to finding the solution to this problem together.

9. Ensure that There is No Pressure

The other useful way of putting your sex drive into overdrive is ensuring that you both have no pressure in getting your sexual experience perfect every time. This is because the most fantastic sex is always possible for a couple that loves, cherish, respect and adore each other.

10. Identify What You Want

Identify What You Want
Finally, it is essential to determine what you want in your relationship, as there is no perfect sex experience[5].

Therefore, you can recall the different times that you made love and the beautiful experiences then, identify any of them that you would like to have again. It might feel hard doing some of the things that you did before, but with more time and effort, you can achieve the same sexual experience. You might take a look over this Vital Khai Review to improve the sex drive in simple a way.

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In conclusion, there are many other ways of turning your sex drive into overdrive, but the ones discussed above are some of the most effective.

However, the most important thing is ensuring that create marriage or relationship that allows your sex drive to improve naturally. This may take more time and effort, but with patience, you can still achieve a fantastic sex life again.

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