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What Is Bulgarian Tribulus?

Bulgarian Tribulus is an herbal supplement for men that increases testosterone level. Aside from its testosterone boost, it is also claimed to be a natural aphrodisiac! Bulgarian Tribulus is the next big thing if you are looking for huge gains in muscle strength, stamina as well as substantial fat losses.

How Does Bulgarian Tribulus Work?

Bulgarian Tribulus

This herb supplement indirectly enhances testosterone by producing the luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is produced by gonadotroph cells that is responsible for ovulation of females and stimulation of the production of testosterone. This is what males ask for as an answer for fertility and impotence problems. As more of these LH are made, testosterone levels also hike. When LH levels are increased, the natural production of testosterone also increases.

Active Ingredients In Bulgarian Tribulus

The Tribulus blend is made from Tribulus extracts & aerial parts and 45% steroidal saponins. Other ingredients that stimulate the effects are cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, and magnesium stearate.

Pros Of Bulgarian Tribulus

  • Significant increase in sperm count and movement in as much as 30 days
  • Increases sexual desire and stamina
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Offers gains in muscular growth and strength
  • Removes body fats and helps you tone to a fit shape

Cons Of Bulgarian Tribulus

  • Insufficient evidence for treating other sorts of illnesses such as cancer, kidney failure, coughs, intestinal problems, among others.
  • The claims are not appraised by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Long term intake and effects are not identified.

Recommended Dosage For Bulgarian Tribulus

Bulgarian Tribulus comes in capsule forms with a 90 serving capacity. Each serving weighs 0.5 oz. There are claims saying a three-time daily dosage of 85 to 250 mg is safe and effective.

Are There any Side Effects?

Short term intake up to 8 weeks are considered safe, says research studies. However, long term dosages are not recommended for the repercussions are still not known.

Precautions and Safety Warnings

One must seek first medical prescription or professional healthcare consultation in order not to develop unnecessary side effects after intake. The sports association must be consulted in prior if you are proactive to sports. Pregnant and nursing women must be careful not to take any amount of dosage for the security of the child. This is prohibited for people under 18, specifically for children. One must also be careful about the ingredients in order not to incur allergies and complications.

Will Bulgarian Tribulus Interfere with other Medications?

People specifically with prostate problems are warned to take serious advice in avoiding this supplement as it may worsen prostate cancer and add to the current weight of the prostate. It may also interfere with the medications taken to regulate blood sugar levels. Tribulus are declared to decrease these levels. Diabetes patients and those who have recently undergone a surgery may stop taking Tribulus. Diabetes prescriptions that may interact with Tribulus include glimepiride (Amaryl), glyburide (DiaBeta, Glynase PresTab, Micronase), insulin, pioglitazone (Actos), rosiglitazone (Avandia), and others. Moreover, pills or tablets with lithium may be obstructed by Tribulus according to its recorded effects. This may lead to abnormal levels of lithium prescribed by physicians and health care provider.

How Long will it take to Show the Results?

Studies reveal that as short as 30 days, sperm count and motility levels becomes significant than before.

How Much is the Cost of Bulgarian Tribulus?

For a 750 mg bottle, a total of 90 servings can be obtained. The retail price amounts to $21.99, however with a 48% savings offered today, Bulgarian Tribulus can be obtained at premium at only $19.99!

Customer Review

Not a bad thing. “I took one pill twice a day every day. If you already have high Sex drive, then this product will certainly get your erections thru the roof). I didn’t feel any strength gains but the sexual drive was longer than usual.” – Army Driver

Tribulus Terrestris WORKS !!. “I have never used this before and have to say that it Really Works I am 40yrs of age 5’10” 250lbs and do Cross fit High Intensity Training 5 days per week. In 2 days taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon with meals I felt an incredible increase in erections I was looking for a Natural Test enhancer for getting leaner but the side effect was very strong erections. My recovery has improved. – DaBlueHornet

Final Verdict

Bulgarian Tribulus is undeniably one of the greatest products in the market with a number of testimonies to prove and affirm. It is deemed effective as it is advertised according to consumers. This serves a good company with safe maintenance, benign prescriptions and good diet and exercise. More importantly, if you are long time looking for something to wake up your sexual system, then this is the best product to have

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