Nugenix – Does Nugenix Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Nugenix Overview

Nugenix is a daily supplement designed for men who may have experienced a decline in testosterone with age. This is very common in older males, described as some as the male equivalent of menopause, and it can be responsible for a number of conditions. These include weight gain, fatigue, decrease in virility and decline in sexual performance. A number of products are available on the market and Nugenix is one of the newer brands. It is presented on the official Nugenix website which is professional in appearance but not complete in some sections. It does contain FAQ’s and link to ordering information, but there are no customer testimonials yet or evidence of clinical studies.

Nugenix is manufactured by the company GNC where it is sold at a cost of $69.99 per 90-count bottle. Nugenix has a 30-day money back guarantee and GNC also offer a 14-day trial period.

Nugenix Product Details


While all ingredients are listed on the Nugenix product label, they are not explained in much detail. The formula combines Zinc and Vitamins B6 and B12 with the Nugenix Testosterone complex. This is comprised of Testofen, a substance that uses Fenuside, extracted from the natural fenugreek plant. While this is the key active ingredient, the capsules also contain L-Citrulline, Malate and Tribulus Terrestris. This last ingredient is also important for the role it plays in the production of testosterone, essential for boosting sexual virility, vitality and lean muscle mass.

Nugenix is recommended to be taken daily at a dose of 3 capsules, wither in the morning or, on work out days, just before exercise. There is no indication how soon consumers should expect to see results.

Good About Nugenix

  • Nugenix is made by GNC.
  • It should not cause harmful side effects.
  • All ingredients are listed.
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Company contact information is provided.
  • The formula contains Tribulus Terrestris.

Bad About Nugenix

  • Clinical studies are not cited.
  • The ingredients are not well explained.
  • Nugenix is expensive.
  • No customer testimonials are shown.

Nugenix The Bottom Line

There is growing evidence to show that older men can benefit from products that help free available testosterone, although they may not exactly restore ‘youth’. While Nugenix may increase energy and sexual endurance, it does not contain anything such as L-Arginine to increase blood flow to the penis, implying that it is not a good treatment for erectile dysfunction. Because it relatively new, it would be recommended that consumers wait to see more evidence of success before ordering Nugenix, especially due to the fact that it is costlier than many comparable brands.

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  1. Gary

    With Nugenix, I found my sexual life get back on track. I used too suffer with early ejaculation and for that reason me and my wife doesn’t able to enjoy such pleasurable time which we had in the past. But this stuff is amazing, it works for me more than my expectations.

  2. Jack

    In spite the fact that Nugenix is manufactured by GNC with a quality ingredients in the formula I didn’t give preference to this product while choosing the supplement. The product is quite expensive and while research I didn’t found enough support from the user of this stuff.

  3. Mathew

    If I need to rated Nugenix, I would definitely give a full marks just for the reason that this supplement has worked for me like a miracle. Quite hard erection, massive boost in my desire and great performance overall. Fantastic stuff.

  4. Mike

    I cannot say how good and effective these product is, as none of the product works for everyone. But I can say that Nugenix worked for me to improve my sexual performance

  5. Brian

    With the use of Nugenix for almost 2 month I feel it helps me to control my pre-ejaculation. I have never feel such hardness before using this. Nugenix is great, as it really changes my sexual health

  6. Leroy

    I can get in the mood 4 times quicker and last more. I think that this item is extremely helpful for very nearly all guys, who have erectile disfunction or premature ejaculation.

  7. Chris

    No increase in my sex drive and in my personal opinion it is just a waste of money, because I haven’t noticed any benefits. The product claims to offer big difference but disappointed to say that it certainly not.


    I have already been taking Nugenix for roughly a couple of months now and have experienced truly great benefits. I’m much harder these days and my spouse really likes the improvement.

  9. Jacob

    This stuff can make you feel energetic all through the day and not just enough, while using Nugenix I found a hard erection and there is always a desire for intercourse.

  10. Mathews

    A bit expensive for me and the overall effects is not much different from my previous product. All I can say that this is just an ok kind of product.

  11. Elvin

    Hi! I’m 41! I have been using Nugenix from last 3 weeks and it has boosted my testosterone levels tremendously. Regular work-out in the gym has also increased my stamina. My bedroom performance has also improved.

  12. Brady

    Decent study of the ads and ingredients. I am a 59 year old and have been physically dynamic my entire life. I work out 5 times each week and play tennis twice or thrice a week (around 2 hours). I began taking Nugenix 3 months prior and observed after 2 months that my arms and legs were stronger and my responses were much, much rapid on the tennis court. I’m influenced that Nugenix was successful in these respects. There was likewise an unobtrusive expand in sexual execution.
    Sadly, a Lifeline screening I experienced in the ballpark of a month prior uncovered that I now experience the ill effects of a condition called Atrial Fibrilation. This appears to have been a condition with extremely later onset. I can tell in light of the fact that I check my beat regularly, and it started inching up in the vicinity of two month prior. My clear concern is that the Atrial Fibrilation could be causally identified with the ingestion of this item. Have you heard that any cardiovascular conditions may be initiated by any ingredients of Nugenix? Much appreciated.

  13. Grant

    I have finished 2 months of Nugenix item, which i obtained from GNC. My technique was to accompany the maker’s headings precisely. I did only that for 30 days. Before using the item I headed off to my specialist to examine my hormone levels which were tried by an autonomous research facility, my specialist utilizes for all blood tests for his patients. I also had the test done within 5 days of finishing the 30 day Nugenix supply. (3 tablets each one morning on an unfilled stomach and no sustenance for no less than 30 mins after, to protect it, also was being consumed accurately.) My test outcomes were a T score of 320 preceding starting the methodology and likewise 320 at 35 days. I took the void flask once more to GNC for a full discount and the stores director contended with me that the impacts just start 2 months later! Acceptable, I’m amused, yet you will supply the following months jug to me, even though you are not ready to give the discount. So here I am 42 days after the fact, with a blood test, as of now demonstrating T at 320 and come back to the store for a complete refund. The same supervisor now lets me know that I need to return inside 30 days (See where this is going… I took all the pills for the 30 DAYS and did a reversal to my specialist to draw blood for an alternate T score test) so was past the 30 day discount period (second endeavor) and they battled me over the discount…..Scientific verification that this item is just fake guys…..See you specialist. I won’t slay you to tell the admin medical attendant you are there to talk about testosterone… major ordeal we live in an open social order where looking for quality restorative guidance is much superior to accepting what you see on the web. Additionally the other profit is that my specialists Rx just takes $40/month and it began having positive impacts the first 10 days. My present blood test for T perusing is presently 426, which for me is a checked change in my vigor level, focus and sex drive (that’s right, waking up with wood each morning now!). So my last consultation is see your specialist, let him know how you are feeling by and large and demand a direct level of hormone to gather you together to the blackguard which you were in your early forties…..Disregard the inexplicable occurrence pills online….Science doesn’t lie about your score or how you feel each day. I accepted the hype online, however not anymore…..stick to your doc.

  14. Luis

    My 15 year old boy is asking me to get this for him. My doc says that testosterone at this early age might hinder growth and overall development, he is actually small for his age ( looks like a 12 year old ) and also gets bullied a lot, wishes to build muscle, grow and develop in build, since he gets crush by big defenders . Any kind of suggestions or recommendations for teenagers?? Thanks!

    1. Cole

      Hey Luis,
      Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it for your son at this age. Your doc is correct, interfering with his development at this growing age, may hinder future growth. As a result he might achieve a temporary gain among his teens, think about the long term consequences. Being a gym trainer I won’t recommend you to give your son Nugenix, at the age of 15.

  15. Andrew

    As a consequence of maturing, I most likely have less vigor. It’s pretty stunning that you can get stuff like Nugenix to offer assistance. I don’t know whether its the best out there, however sounds adequate for me.

  16. Ezra

    Reviews claims that Nugenix bears a few ingredients for enhancing testosterone levels, so as that looks promising for much more energy and strength. IDK, seems nice.

  17. Jason

    I have improve my testosterone level after using nugenix but it won’t last long. But I took it on empty stomach which has affected my physique. After trying this product I decided to go for herbal remedies, exercise and yoga , which has significantly improve my testosterone level and I think exercise is good option for stamina & testosterone boost rather than using a supplement.

  18. Angina Berryz

    I was very pleased to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this great read! Over the years, My hubby have tried several test boosters that contain Fenugreek with varying degrees of success. Some worked very well in all aspects, others only seemed to give a minor boost in libido. But Nugenix looks like it could be an ideal supplement for someone who is concerned about testosterone loss with age, and this time i am very happy for my hubby its really effective and free from side-effects as it made up of all natural ingredients.