Top 10 Food To Increase Sperm Count And Quality

Recent research has shown that nearly half of all cases of infertility are caused by a low sperm count. According to experts in fertility issues, sperm count[1] and quality is an important prerequisites to ensuring that a man is fertile enough.

Most of the people with infertility issues through a semen analysis have been discovered to have a low sperm count. In addition, other problems include sperm quality, sperm motility, and the fructose level.

Some of the causes of a low sperm count include; drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, as well as protracted use of computers and laptops. However, you can increase your sperm count by having the following foods which are not only super tasty but will help you solve your sexual problems.

1. Bananas

Basically, bananas contain a very rare hormone by the name of Bromelain. This hormone has been shown to improve sperm count by regulating sex hormones in a man’s reproductive system.

In addition, bananas[2] are rich in vital elements in the male’s system such as magnesium, Vitamin B 1 and Vitamin C which are all building blocks in the journey of increasing the sperm count.

Banana is food to increase sperm count and will also help you boost your stamina and increase your body’s ability to make sperm. Therefore, if you are that guy that feels inferior when it comes to sperm count, make sure that you have a couple of bananas daily.

2. Asparagus


This is a little bright green vegetable which is very rich in vitamins and minerals that help the body improve its production and quality of sperm count. Although this plant might make your urine to develop a mild awful smell, its benefits surpass all that.

This is because asparagus is packed with minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, protein, and fiber. In addition, the high amount of vitamin C prevents the sperms from undergoing the process of oxidation and as well protects the testicle’s cells. It also decreases free radicals which prevent the body from producing sperms.


Garlic possesses the ability to increase the overall blood flow in the body. As a matter of fact, lack of proper blood flow is one of the causes of low sperm count and quality in the man’s reproductive system.

If your man is suffering from a low sperm count and can’t perform his task well in bed, it is good to try garlic. Garlic contains allicin[3] which is responsible for improving blood flow.

Apart from improving blood flow to the sexual organs, garlic also protects the sperms from damage. Finally, it contains a mineral by the name of selenium an antioxidant which helps improve sperm motility.

4. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate

A dark chocolate[4] may be one of the best foods that we will talk about. This food is not only sweet and sexy it also has some health benefits as well. It is recommended as a great remedy for anyone suffering from a low sperm count.

This is due to the fact that, it contains an amino acid by the name L-Arginine HCL which helps improve sperm count and increase the amount of semen volume. This therefore leads to more stronger and intense orgasms.

5. Ginseng

This aphrodisiac root has been used for years and centuries all over the world and has helped in curing infertility in men. Basically, this root works by boosting the levels of testosterone and as well increases the blood flow into the blood stream.

Due to these healing properties, especially to the male reproductive system, it is claimed not only to increase the sperm count, but it also treats erectile dysfunction[5].

6. Oysters


Oysters are very helpful to anyone suffering from a low sperm count and production of low quality sperms. This is due to the fact that, oysters contain minerals[6] such as zinc which greatly assist and improve sperm production.

If your man is suffering from this problem, you should consider giving him around 50g of oysters daily and babies will start to come. Other foods rich in zinc include pumpkin seeds, turkey and lobsters.

7. Beef

Although many doctors claim that you should not eat red meat due to the fact that it causes complications in the heart, lean beef is a very good source of zinc.

Primarily, zinc protects the sperms from being attacked by free radicals and therefore helps in maintaining the correct sperm count. As a matter of fact, zinc prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which is a cause of low sex drive[7].

8. Walnuts


Basically, the size of a walnut is coincidentally the same as a testicle. They contain arginine, a nutrient which helps in the production of sperms.

Therefore, walnuts help in the increase production of sperms as well as help in semen volume increase. In addition, walnuts[8] contain other minerals such as omega-3 acids which help in improving the blood flow to the penis.

9. Broccoli

This is another type of food as far as increased sperm production is concerned. This green vegetable is rich in folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) and is widely becoming recognized in boosting fertility in men especially in increasing the sperm count.

Research and study has shown that, men taking daily doses of broccoli improved their sperm count by almost 65%.

10. Spinach

Baby Spinach
Baby Spinach

Spinach is also rich in folic acid, a vitamin which is responsible for the production of healthy sperms. Basically, spinach increases the production of folate levels in the blood and the sperms are therefore able to penetrate the ovum’s protective barrier. Eggs are another great source of Vitamin E which helps production of strong and healthy sperms.

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Finally, I therefore urge all of you who wish to increase your sperm count to swallow your pride and follow the diet of foods listed above. By frequently eating these foods I guarantee you that your wife or girlfriend will complain no more and babies will start to come.

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